Can't believe it!

luvstocraftNovember 26, 2007

I wanted to spray the gloss sealer on my Jingle Thyme sign yesterday. Took it outside, got the can and started spraying. I was gloss white PAINT! Not gloss SEALER. OMG! I grabbed the sign, ran inside and started rubbing it off with a wet paper towel. Then got the alcohol and lightly rubbed a few of the worse places. Got most of it off, but now I need to redo some of the shading too. (Memo to self: read the whole label, not just one word.) Luvs

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OMG is right! I think we all just learned a lesson from your experience.

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Oh crap!! Oh, I hate that so much for you! Kinda reminds me of the times (notice plural) that my 2 yr old painted over my projects last year! Remember??? Gosh, I hope you can get it fixed. That just bites. It was sooo darn cute too. Let us know how it turns out. I'm just so upset for you! ~Anj

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OMG luvs! so sorry for you! I have the worst habbit of useing the can tops to prop projects up on, and never putting the cap back on, I just know it will happen to me one day soon!
My two year old gs painted my dds car, and his shoes and the dog! didnt take him but two seconds, and it was spray paint!
hopefully you can save your sign, was soo cute!

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Thanks for the sympathy! I think I can save it, just need to do some touch up painting where I rubbed pretty hard on it and took some of the shading and detail lines off. The background will look more like I speckeled it with tiny specks of white. One place sort of looks like the Milky Way in the background! I actually thought about spraying a bit more on and just saying it was a FOGGY night! LOL

Gosh Oddie, this is nothing compared to having the car, shoes and dog painted! OMG! Hope they were able to get all that off.


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