Painting Outdoor Santa Lawn Ornament

tomato44November 4, 2001

I just received a wooden(made of plywood) Santa and his reindeer lawn ornament from a friend of mine. She believes they are about 10 years old. The paint is in good shape(not peeling or anything)but I would like to re-paint them to freshen them up and change some of the colours. Can anyone tell me what the best way to tackle this would be? Do I have to put a primer on them and start from scratch? What kind of paint should I use? Any input would be greatly apreciated...thank you in advance. Linda

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You shouldn't need a primer. All I would do is give them a light sanding to roughen up the surface a bit so the new paint will adhere better. Then you can paint it with regular acyrlic paints, or another waterbased latex paint of your choice. Then seal with a few coats of waterbased acrylic outdoor sealer.

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I purchased some posters to mount on plywood for outdoors and their suggestion for sealing after painting was a slate and pebble sealer, apparently is is waterproof and doesnt yellow with age, I am in Australia so dont know what your equivalent would be.

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