I'm determined to paint today

luvstocraftNovember 18, 2006

I'm starting on my Santa as soon as I sign off this computer. Found a wood plaque that I had on hand, so will adjust the pattern a bit to make it work. (Don't feel like trying to cut something out just now--want to get something painted!)

Housework, errands, etc. all on hold--today I want to paint something! Always put other stuff first, then don't get around to painting--so going to reverse the order today!

I'll post pics when done.


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Luvs - ARE YOU DONE YET??? (LOL, you make me giggle.)


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Crafty, No, not quite DONE yet! Decided I needed a soda break (and a potty break) so thought I'd sign on here and see what everyone else is up to.

I have my Santa all basecoated, and most of the shading and hiliting is done. Now I get to do the little details that make him look cute.

My prediction (wish/desire) is that you will be able to view a pic of the COMPLETED project by this time tomorrow! So hope you will come by and check for it on the gallery, okay?

Glad my comments can make you giggle--I shake my head and laugh at myself all the time! Ha ha


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Well here I am waiting for the finished Santa. Where is the picture, PLEASE? I am waiting yo see. I can only hold my breath soo long you know. Jlily

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He's posted on our gallery. Go see what you think. Luvs

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