Countertop installers scratched new wood floor

csacsaMay 7, 2012

Countertop people came in today and deeply scratched our brand new wood floor near the island. Looks like they did this when they moved the island from its original location (why they did this is beyong me)so I'm sure there are scratches under it that will be exposed when we have to move it back. That being said, this wood floor is tongue and grooved and glued down. Would you expect them to pay for new boards being installed?

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Well, I'd say the question is, do YOU expect them to pay?

I would.
And I'd demand the same installer (if I liked them) so I'd know it'll be a beautiful job that matches.

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Looked at again this morning and it looks like I can move the island about 4 inches and cover the scratsheds up if the other side isn't sctatched. If I can do this, I will demand they compensate me for chnaging my locatiuon of the island to cover up their mistake.

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A suggestion: Since your island is mobile to a degree, what happens if you decide you need to adjust it?

I'd insist upon repairs. YOU can move it later. But just covering it up could come back and bite you, because you'll only get one chance for repairs.

OH!!! I'd also find out what's on the bottom that's scratching the floor when you move it!!! Grit? A nail? Because moving it again could create more gouges.

What a heartbreak!

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Good point.

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Our granite installers didn't damage our floors but they did damage our island cabinetry. Then the electricians damaged them more! Waiting to hear back about how it's all going to be fixed. So frustrating.

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Tell your countertop guy that you are going to submit a claim to his liability insurance carrier. That should prompt him to repair the floor. You are not due back $$$, but he is responsible to repair the damage. Do you really think it is moral to try to shake the guy down for money? Things happen on every job and he has the right (and the responsibility) to get it fixed. Did you hire him separately than your general contactor?

I assume you asked and received copies of his insurance before he set foot on your property. Every homeowner should expect and request this info prior to entering into a contract. If they don't have it, run the other way.

No, you shouldn't hold back any payment for the damage that exceeds the lowest of three bids to repair the damage. In my state that is called unjust enrichment and the contractor can file a lien on your house and recover interest and attorney fees.

Hopefully you have pictures of the floor before he came on the jobsite.

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You island should be permanently fastened down! It's a pretty big safety hazard to have heavy stone on top of something that can tip. So, although the stone fabricator should have the insurance necessary to repair the wood, the cabinet fabricator was incredibly negligent here and you need to have him come back out and finish the job.

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It was the countertop people who told me I didn't need it fastened down and they admitted that when they came and looked at the floors. They are going to contact my flooring guys and talk it over with them on what the best way to ficx the floors will be. Whole remodeling project should have been completed today and now it looks like good while before we can get back to normal.

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This same thing happened to us! What happened in your situation? In ours the GC didnt hire the countertop installers we did. It never occurred to me they or the GC wouldnt protect the floors. Of course the GC says his countertop people would never have brought the stone in without paper on the floors. I am so distraught and sickened by the scratches. The problem is also compounded by the fact the flooring people hired by the GC put the final coat of poly on the floors before the remaining work was done. Now the GC says he will see how much they will charge to recoat the floor. Really? I think the GC should have been on top of this to begin with. Who's at fault? Please help!

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laura0718 - well IMHO your GC is not at fault - you hired the countertop people yourself so you/they are responsible - did you contact the countertop people about this? That's what I would do.

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