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erin_mamaSeptember 12, 2007

Hello all! My family and I are currently living in a 1100sq. foot home, and we love it. In fact, it is a rental that we are going to buy! There are definitely challenges, which is why I was so glad to have found this forum.


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Welcome. We are a family of three in 1350 square feet - positively luxurious!

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Welcome! People in small house seem to be more cheerful, somehow. Maybe because they have to be!

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Thanks for the welcomes! : )

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Welcome, I pop in here every now and then myself. My home is only 940 sq ft. It does have decent size closets so I guess I can't complain there, but I do wish my kitchen was bigger! Holiday cooking is a real challenge then!

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And I wish I had less square footage and bigger closets! My house was built in 1910 and folks just had a lot less stuff then! LOL! I only have one decent closet that is in my bedroom and it was added on years ago. The kitchen pantry is a good size, but not big enough for a person like me that likes to be prepared for anything!

Welcome, Erin!

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If nothing else, I sure appreciate not having so much cleaning to do - just moved (now on my own!) from a 2500 sq' suburban place to an 1100 sq' (2 storey) 100 yr old house in the country, and apart from the nicely smaller tax, utility and other bills, find it's so easy to take care of!

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Well we don't have good closets, but we DO have storage area on the sides of the second story where the roof meets the floor. Does that make sense? I don't even know what that space is called!

Also-the kitchen in tiny, which would be OK if it didn't also contain the washer, dryer, water heater, and only door to the back yard. It was built as a summer cabin, so I guess they weren't planning to do much cooking. : )

In the next few years we're planning to do a small kitchen addition and use the current kitchen space for dining. For now, it works (I guess!)

It has been very fun to read through the posts on this forum!

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Late to the party (as usual), but I'd like to say...

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Welcome Erin ~ This is a great, fairly new forum. It is nice to visit here and discuss living in our small homes. DH and I live in a 730 sq.ft. 50's cottage. It is a challenge, but it is also nice to have low taxes, heating and cooling bills. Once we get remodeling done, it should be easier to keep clean also. Right now there is stuff everywhere.


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I just found this place last week myself..First posting was today.

Okay the one thing I can say that I love about my small house is I heat the whole thing with a small gas fireplace and "artfully" positioned fans. ;)

And I don't like alot of the smaller size suits me as well..makes the few things we do have seem like more. LOL

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