Organized a little computer corner

wantoretire_didSeptember 20, 2006

Computer area before

Computer area after visit to Home Goods :-)

This turned out more open than I had thought. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Not crowded at all.


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I love your compu-cubby. Your curtains would look great in my kitchen!!!!

And... 101 days til I retire, but who's counting.

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That looks great! Such a small "cubby" forces you to be organized - which makes ya more efficient! Good work!

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Thanks for the kudos. It really is working out nicely.

Georgeanne - I retired 1 1/2 year ago and never looked back. I'm loving it :-) I think I got the curtains at Lowe's.

Auntjen - I lived in Arizona for a year and So. Calif. for many years and vacationed in Puerto Vallarta a couple of times. I love the southwestern influence and what you have done with your house.


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Cute. The iron shelving unit against the fridge provides some enclosure for the office area.

You must have a lot of self-discipline: I hated having my office in the kitchen--too much temptation.

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You did great with your small space, and it's nice to be able to look out the window too.


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Krustytopp - Good thing I'm not much of a snacker; Coffee or tea does me fine....

Flowerlady - Thank you. The window is one reason I spend WAY too much time at the computer; flowers and lots of green in the summer and snow and birdies in the winter ;-)


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