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rn4sailMarch 1, 2012

I started doing my first mosaic in December. It all began because of satellite dishes left all over the mobil park where i live. I have collected them and am turning them into bird baths. I enjoy your forum and get some good info here. The last one i made has cracks in the grout and i am wondering if this is fixable. thanks, Debbie

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Hi, Debbie, welcome. As far as fixing cracks in grout, you can always repair grout. Just dig around and make sure that all loose grout is removed, then mix up a new batch and grout the piece again. Seal it with a good outdoor grout sealer. Sometimes it is never again an issue. If it continues to be a problem, you probably should figure out why it's cracking. There are many reasons, the substrate, the mix, the grout lines are too wide, etc., but when I had grout-cracking issues, it always stayed fixed after I regrouted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's mosaic blog

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