Santa on a silver tray

paintingfoolNovember 7, 2011

When I told my sister I was looking for a silver tray to paint on she promptly went out and found one -or seven or eight. This one I cleaned with vinegar, primed with Kilz and then painted. There was a little bit of a scroll design engraved in the metal but it didn't show up once I painted it. I had the hardest time with his hands - fingers too long, not enough joints, etc. But I am finished and will put him in the living room on a tripod for now. Are yall painting for Christmas too? I would love to see more of what you are doing,


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That is wonderful! I love it. You do beautiful work. I can see how the fingers would be hard to do..they are so prominent but you did a good job on them.


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His hands are perfect and had you not mentioned your problem with them I don't think I would have notice anything anyway, I went right to his eye....beautiful! And his pudgy nose and rosy red cheeks....wait....did I say could anyone miss your perfect rose!

Thank you for sharing!

I haven't started my Christmas painting as of yet and I really need to as the annual ornament need to go out by the end of the month, just can't seem to find anything that really sparks my motor.


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Your design turned out great! So fun that he just happens to be painting your gorgeous rose on his ornament! ;o) You do such a great job on the hair and beards--and everything else as well.

I've been looking at projects but haven't been painting any so far. Maybe soon.

Hugs, Luvs

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Bebe! Looks awesome as usual!! Everything looks perfect to me! Hair, eyes, fingers, rose all great! Looks like we'll have some Christmas stuff to look forward to seeing. I am going to try to start working on some painted gifts today so I may have something next week to show! ha You know how slow I am! Great piece! TFS! ~Anj

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Bebe, another cute santa. I think it all turned out lovely. I like that the edge of the tray has a design and the gold just topped it off. Hope you will share more with us when you have time.

Belle, have you started your Christmas ornaments? How about a sneak preview.LOL

Anj, hope you got started on some of your gifts and will share soon.

We got hit with a storm yesterday and it's down to 8. One car was on it's top and another off the road on my way home last night. Foggy this am so better get on my way with these road conditions.

I haven't painted Anything but hope to do something soon.


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Thanks, Punk. I no longer have him, I posted him on my blog and a lady asked to buy it for her sister. I will have to do another one - sometimes the ones in class are not that good since I demo on the tray as I teach.

The weather here has been chilly the past week - one day we are sitting outside in t-shirts and the next day it is freezing.


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He's wonderful! His hands look just perfect. You did a great job. How cute that he's a painter - just like us.

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