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luvstocraftNovember 30, 2009

Anyone else on here who used to love the Cute as a Button designs by Cheri Saffoite? They were fun to paint and most people either loved them or thought they were weird. I had a lot of fun painting her designs because they were fast and easy and just appealed to me at the time. I've kept a few and have a grouping in my laundry/painting room and a few on my back patio. Thought I'd share a couple pics and see if you remember them too. Luvs

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Luvs....I have several of Cheri's! I have a girl with watermelons on her dress an several different "Guardian Angels."

I really like the two girls holding hands, so much detail..and what did you use for the hair on the pink dressed girl?

Thanks for sharing!


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Hi Belle, the hair is just sections of some blonde colored jute rope glued on. Glad to know someone else thought her designs were fun. I still have several of her books--just keep holding on to them in case that style becomes popular again. I got to visit her store once, it was so much fun. Someone told me she started doing the fabric line and then sold her rights to the designs. I think I might still have a couple of her pattern packets too. I know I made a stocking and a couple of wall hangings. Luvs

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Luvs, What a cute bunch of gals you have. I can't believe you still have all of these. Do you remember what year these came out?

I gave most of my older painted projects to a church raffle several years ago. Some of the ladies had been very good customers of mine so it was nice to help restore the old Catholic church here.

This was fun and what a cute title for your post. Thought you was going to have a neat story about you and your DH.


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Shame, shame on me for not paying attention to particular artists. While there are some that stand out for me, when I would see something I liked, I would just paint it with little regard. I know that I did do a lot of similar work. Either Cheri's or other artists because for a while they were a lot of similar items out there.

Luvs, thanks for sharing and for bringing to my attention that I should give credit to the real artists, not just the lowly painters like me.


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Joan, don't feel bad. I think all of us tend to have our "favorite" styles and artists, but I never really thought much about it either until I started posting my pictures on here and someone would ask where I found the pattern. Now I will usually try to list the artist and maybe even the book I've used. I still miss some of the designers who were popular when I started painting back in the mid 80's--and I now appreciate allot of the artists who's designs I felt were too complicated back then as well. I still enjoy finding old painting books or magazines and can almost always find a few designs in them that I like. ;o) I'm sure I will probably pass these on some day--but for right now, I still enjoy looking at them. Luvs

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Luvs....Those look really familiar....wonder if I have one of her books?? I really love the garden ones!
Joan....I never noticed artists much either until we started posting here. Now I definitely have my favorites and there are a lot I can pick out just by seeing the style. =)

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