Punk, here is the Santa Ironing Board Pic

paintingfoolNovember 4, 2010

I found it!! The problem was I had the instructions in a separate packet from the photos and pattern. Sorry about that but at least they are back together now. Here are the photos of the Santa.

One thing I do not like is the mouth. A lot of times people forget that a Santa has a top lip when they start painting mustaches. I add more length to the top lip when I paint. You don't show the lip just make sure the bottom lip is down a little further.

I will start sending you the info. The pattern is large but on regular size paper. If it doesn't work out I will mail it to you.

I forgot to tell you this is not my pattern, I painted with a girl not far from here and this is hers.

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Bebe....your Santa is really awesome! How tall is he? And I agree with the upper lip, although his face is so very pleasing just as it is!


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B, I think this santa is darling and can hardly wait to paint one. Come to think of it, my santas always look like gummers with no top lip. Great tip on the lip. I have so much going on right now in my life that I will wait until things slow down to try it.

Thanks Again,


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