kitchen question....and the newest lil-gardener

young-gardenerSeptember 29, 2012

Things are slowly taking shape in the kitchen (SLOOOOOOWLY).

DH and I can't agree on one of the final cabinets to be hung, however.

In the open space that is the far right corner (at the end of the run of cabinets), I've planned for an open cabinet. It is 24 wide and 39 high (whereas the lowest set of cabinets to it's left are 30 high).

The idea is to trim it out to be a bit of a standalone piece. However, DH feels that I won't be able to reach it and that it should sit on the counter.

My worry: counter space is at a premium, and that corner "run" is my only large space. Since I bake a lot and cook from scratch, I'm very hesitant to give it up.

So, I'm curious. What would you do? Go with an on-the-counter unit so it's a little easier to reach or save the counter space and raise it?

For reference, I was planning for the open cabinet to hold cookbooks, a few pretty mixing bowls, and some of my pitcher collection.

and here's the newest gardener....he arrived right on his due date and was born at home.

Here is a link that might be useful: if you're more into babies than kitchens, here are more pictures ;)

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Well if it were me I would like the counter space. If you are not going to use the bowls up high often I do not think it would be a problem. I have to use a step stool often.I keep it and my 6 foot ladder stool in the laundry room right next to kitchen.

Congratulations on little gardener. Wonderful you had him at home. He is very cute.

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I think I'd have it go up as far as the shorter one on the left. Use that as a base for display. then maybe just 2 shelves - another 1 for display and 1 for cookbooks.

welcome to the newest forum member!!

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I loved the photos of Isaac.

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If you have a collection to go inside, that goes on the topmost shelves, so you will be able to reach the things that you use that are in this cupboard. Hang it high!

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I'd keep that counter space too. Are you putting in open shelves because you like that look or because you can't get an upper cabinet exactly the right side? I'm not a fan of open shelves though. Actually, I'm not a fan of cleaning and open shelves mean more cleaning.

Your little guy is so cute. I know you have your hands full now.

I got a kick out of your picture and would like to add a caption to it for you.

"Are you going to help me move this stove or just stand there taking pictures?" lol

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Love open shelves-holds all my mason jars and frequently used items like coconut oil and vinegars. Don't lose counter space, you can always use a step stool.
& congratulations ! You are so lucky to have the birth at home.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Agree with all of the above--don't take up counter space. Put the pitchers (probably used the least) on top. You're going to need a step stool anyway, with the little one, so get a sturdy one now.

I looked at the baby pics--beautiful baby and beautiful mommy! Congratulations!

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Youngun, I am so pleased for the birth of that young man. He is such a GUY looking little dude.

I'll have to think about the cabinet later.
But.....the wood in your kitchen it ash?
That looks like what we are having installed, also with
white cabinets.


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I must say I agree with keeping the counter space open. Think the open shelving would look great. We keep a small stool in our kitchen that serves two purposes - to help me reach those spaces I'm just too short to get to and for my 6 sweet grandbabies to be able to reach counter height & help me cook!

The youngest gardener is adorable - loved the baby pics. Enjoy him - they grow too fast!!

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Thanks for all the feedback. I had been starting to doubt myself, so hearing you say that counters really are important was very helpful. Gotta be able to roll out those cookies, right!

I was thinking the same thing: pitchers high, books low. I have a couple of other open cabinets, too, so I can put more frequently used things nice and low. What can I say...I love open cabinets. Our less than cute practical stuff will go in the drawers. The pretty practical stuff will go in the open cabinets and glass front cabinets....if we ever finish! :)

Moccasin- The floors are utility grade oak from Lumber Liquidators. It was a great deal at about a dollar per square foot. We've loved the color variation and the rustic touches to it, plus it blends perfectly with the old oak floors in our cottage. We didn't stain it...just did a clear coat. We staining the countertops in the darkest color variation of the floor, to pull out the dark streaks.

NOW, to find a really cute stool!!

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