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luvstocraftNovember 2, 2006

Well, it has been a busy week so far, hasn't it? Lots of other things to take care of and no time (or energy left) to paint. I've been looking through some of my craft and pattern books for the next project I want to do, and bemoaning the fact that I didn't get all the Halloween things made that I had hoped to! Oh well, there's always next year,right? Plan to take some time on Saturday to get a couple projects started. How about you guys? Working on any new projects? Or just trying to get the Halloween things stored away so you can get ready for Thanksgiving? Whatever it is, take a deep breath and savor the moment. Luvs

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I'm with you....almost too busy to even think about painting, although I have been thinking about it a lot. ha I picked up a Quick and Easy Paint mag at Walmart the other day. Has the cutest Santa I want to paint on something. Thought I was gonna get a nice relaxing day today to pick up the Halloween stuff and paint a little, but DH just called me and now I have to run some stuff over to his work which is clear across the world from my house. So much for my relaxing day. I'll probably try to hit a TS that is over that way while I'm there. I stopped by one yesterday by my DM's work and found so many cute things. I racked up for $25. A few things that need painting. There must be a craft store somewhere that donates stuff they can't move because I always find good wood stuff there for cheap. I found a 60" peg shelf with the original price of $40 and I got it for $10. Oh well, better get going. Ya'll have a terrific day. ~Anj

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Havn't picked up a brush either.Have been having a lot of pain in my neck,shoulder,arm,and behind my ear.So have been living on aleve and vicodin .Finally broke down and went to the dr yesterday,he think i have a pinched nerve in my neck.Sent me for xray,should hear today,what those show.In the meantime,he put me on prednisone,for 6 days,so i should start feeling better soon.So i guess i'll use the time to look thru my magazines.
Take care ladies,enjoy what ever you do.

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Forgot to tell you guys.There are 2 new shows on HGTV every morning.One is scrapbooking,the other is crafts(general crafts)..Here on the west coast they come on from 10:30 to 11:30,check it out if you havn't already.

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Kathi~ I think I caught part of the scrapbooking one the other day. Thanks for the heads up. Hope they get you back up to painting condition soon! JK Feel better soon.

I usually wouldn't say this, but hurray, it's supposed to rain here this weekend. ha We'll be stuck indoors and I may have some paint time. We had thought about going to the Indian Pow Wow, but now not sure if we'll want to drag the kids out. Gotta dash. I just made it back home a little while ago from DH's errand and gotta get supper started. Later~Anj

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Hello Luvs, Anj and the rest of you folks. I just wanted to let you know that even though I haven't posted much recently I am still here. I drop in pretty much every day to read. I also have not had much time for painting. I did however get to my painting class on Wednesday before I came to work. Finished up my tulips and daffodils. I will post a photo as soon as I take one. Started to paint a sleigh. So now here in Canada because we are past our thanksgiving I am already onto Christmas. And we got the snow now to prove it. Driving is bad. Boy I wish I didn't have to come out to work. I could spend my time painting as I hybernate.

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Hi Violet, Been wondering where you were--glad you're stopping by even if not posting. Boy, do I ever remember driving to work in the ice and snow. Used to live in the Midwest in my younger years. Used to clench my teeth so tight that my jaws would hurt when I got to work. Not sure why I did that--maybe to keep them from chattering due to being so nervous! LOL

Kathi, I sure hope they find out what is causing your pain and can find a cure for it. Good reason to let the housework go and just kick back with your mags and the TV clicker. Take care of yourself, so it doesn't get worse.

Anj, I know the mag you are talking about--I want to find a surface to paint that Santa on also. That artist, Nancy Wood, also has a website. She does some cute things. Wish I could see your TS finds--maybe you could post a pic on the conversations side if not painting related. If it's things you're going to paint--post them here for us to see, okay?

Sure nice hearing from all of you. Made my day! Luvs

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Hi Vi~ glad you are checking in. Can't wait to see pics of what you've been working on. I think we will probably all be pretty sporatic with the painting during the holidays. I have a sleigh I need to paint too. Can't wait to see what design you do on yours.

Luvs~ after I wrote that I was wondering if that was the same Santa you had written about before your Rv trip. I'll see if I can charge up my camera battery and get some pics of my TS finds either today or the weekend. I found a cute little flat wagon that I was trying to find a pattern for last night too. Have a great Friday!! ~Anj

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I picked up the Quick & Easy Painting book also. I love every bit of it, even the ones I won't make. Although there may not be a lot of painting projects in it, have you seen "Create & Decorate" mag. That's another one I just love. I've always thought that some of the projects in it could be used as patterns for painting and I get it for that reason also.


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Good morning Sal,

I have bought a couple issues of "Create & Decorate", but they usually have more stitchery and lots of Prim things (which I like, just don't really use much anymore)

I subscribe to Quick & Easy Painting and Painting magazine. I always look at any Painting magazines that I happen to see, and will buy it if there are projects I really like.

Seems like the ones I like best always end up going out of business!

I usually look for "Crafts and Things" too, but don't have a subscription. Oh, and I'll buy a "Pack of Fun" if I see a cute pattern for pavers or something with flowerpots to make.

I used to love "Country Marketplace", because they had good painting projects, but then all their patterns started to be Prim style too.

Actually, I call myself a magazine "addict", but I am doing better about it now that I'm not working--trying to make those retirement dollars stretch! Ha ha

Come on girl, you know you really want to paint something! Lots of good choices in that Dec. issue you just bought--go for it!


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I know Luvs, I know. So much to do to get ready for winter though. Been slack all fall and not it's getting late, still have to cut down my hostas and get the leaves raked up. My leaf blower - well yesterday it started smoking at the plug in the machine. I quickly set it down and shut it off and pulled the heavy duty cord out, it was melting the cord socket, OMG. Electrican bro said it got real hot inside the machine, loose prongs and should be grateful I didn't get an electrical shock. Now I have some yard left to rake - great, just what I wanted to do. Then it's clean up the basement, etc. etc. I feel I should have to get my housework down before I can treat myself to crafting or painting. Yes I do give myself a break and create or paint, but then I feel guilty, isn't that terrible!!!


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Kathi, I hope you get feeling better soon. I have a chiropractor to help me through times like that.
We went camping with our grandson in Al this weekend. It was cold but we had fun.
Sal, I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Raking leaves isn't easy, I feel for you!
Luvs, I have the same addiction...I have way too many magazines :-(
Too many projects, not enough time.

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Sal, I am glad you stopped and unplugged that blower before it caught on fire or something! I've never heard of that happening before. Scary. Good luck with the yard work--I know it has to be done and is very time consuming. Just don't overdo it and tire yourself too much, okay?

Diana, Glad you had a good camping trip in spite of the cold. Bet GS enjoyed himself. We're glad you are back. Hope you get some time to relax and paint a bit this week.

I know I won't. I should'nt even be on here, but I'm doing this while I eat breakfast and have my coffee. Already been to Lowe's this morning and to grocery store. Having a party for DH on Sunday, so need to get yard and house in order this week, and get refreshments ready and find a present for him. Makes me tired thinking about it all! LOL


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