Now, this is a nice vintage kitchen :)

lavender_lassSeptember 17, 2010

I could live in this kitchen! It's so pretty :)

There are lots of examples of vintage kitchens on this site...enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nice Vintage Kitchen

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...and did you notice that the example just before this one featured GLASS BLOCKS? I think someone on the Kitchens forum was questioning whether glass block was authentic to the late 1930s style. In my mind, this proves it CAN be used.

Thanks for the link, Lavender! Good one.

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Thanks for the link. That's beautiful!

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TOTALLY LOVE the 1937 Sealex Linoleum

1938 gives true meaning to breakfast nook. Sheese.

A friend made this tray for me several years ago. Love the old stove and the green.

Also there is a lamp in the next picture I put together today.

Lavender_lass this is a fantastic link you put up to explore.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old kitchen tray

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wow, beautiful, that is a true vintage it!

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Oh I love it, love it, love it!

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It's interesting to note that the older kitchens seem to have less over head cabinets, and more drawers in the lowers. As time marched on, there were more overheads, and the lower cabinets went to mostly doors. I guess I'm going the wrong way! The 1930 kitchen has a couple other things I plan to use- the coffered ceiling and schoolhouse lights. I don't think that's a true coffered ceiling, as I don't see any cross beams, but it gives me a feel for how it will look. I'm also toying with the idea of a nook, but bigger than the 1938 one!

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I am not a blue person, but that kitchen is great. Interesting to me is the little eating spaces they have. Didn't the children exist? Or did parents know how to give themselves some "me" time, have a little place for a friend to enjoy a visit together?

I think there were many upper cabinets in the expenisive homes of the 30s/40s. We (Restore) just got in 2 complete metal kitchens dated same and included the uppers.

Still love the freestyle kitchen. I'd bet you could do that for half what the latest kitchen designs are costing. Wouldn't it be great if they reverted back to what you showed us? Maybe we should start investing in kitchen antique pieces before someone decides old is new again.

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When we lived in Berkeley in an older house it had one of those tiny breakfast nooks. I remember eating breakfast and lunch there and dinners were always in the dinning room.

Then we had an eat in kitchen AND formal dinning room as separate room. We would only eat in that dinning room when company came. Actually we had it this way in several houses I grew up in. Maybe it was something my parents looked for. Do not remember that part.

Totally loved these older kitchens and spent way too much time looking through them over and over.The link is bookmarked. Was like a trip down memory lane as we lived in many older houses.

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Wow, there were several there I could happily live with. But I love my kitchen/scullery that I have now so am content. Thanks for this link, very interesting going back in time.


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

lavender, Thank You for the link. The kitchens are beautiful--I 'got lost' in the 1920's gallery. I love the style of the cabinets from that decade--just wish I had room for one of the old porcelain stoves, and a drainboard sink.

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