What should be used to paint a 'silk on plastic' lampshade?

aceyNovember 11, 2007

Hi every crafter!

This is my first visit to this forum...I'm usually over on the financial, health, and real estate ones....but I know where to turn for help so here I am!!!!

I bought at garage sale a lamp for my elderly Mom for her bedside. Believe it or not, the lamp base is mosaic, which, despite the color, exactly matched the mosaic tissue box cover she keeps at the bedside! We couldn't believe our eyes that the mosaic pattern on the tissue box cover (purchased as a lonely clearance item at Bed, Bath,& Beyond a month ago)and the mosaic pattern on the lamp were identical!!!

Mom has painted the lamp to match the colors on the tissue box. You'd never guess they weren't a set purchase!!! But the lampshade is our problem.

It appears to be silk, there are a few "nubbies" in the fabric. The fabric is firmly attached to what I believe to be a plastic shade. The shade is a rounded edge rectangular shape, flat (no nooks, crannies, V's or scalloping, if you know what I mean).

It is olive green in color (like the lamp base was) but we need it to be either almond bisque, like the foundation of the lamp, or more of a robin's egg blue to match the design she painted on.

What spray paint (or maybe some painted on paint?) should we look for to paint this fabric shade? I's sure there must be fabric paints out there, right? The lady at Michael's crafts said we could use a spray paint for flowers (silk flowers). Obviously, we need to replace the olive green with our new choice. Would we have to prime it first? With what?

OK, that's my story and I thank you for your replies!!!


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Acey, I wish I had an answer for you, but I've never tried this. There are fabric paints, and there is even a product you can mix with acrylic paints so you can use them on fabric.

I seem to remember reading where someone had spray painted an upholstered chair, so there must be spray fabric paints. I'd check at Lowe's and if no luck, maybe stop by an upholstery shop and inquire there. Good luck, I sure hope you find what you need.


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I found a spray paint especially for silk and REAL flowers, and fabrics....very gentle, apparently. I'll give that a try!


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