Painted suitecase

oddieNovember 2, 2007

this is my frist try at painting on a suitecase, couldnt have done it without luvs help and great instructions, thank you luvs!

I changed my mind on the pattern I had in mind, saw this guy and just had to try him, I did change a few things, so sorta mine.

Happy Crafting


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Well,Oddie, I don't know how you can not call yourself a painter! That is just adorable! Looks like whatever methods you are using are working! ha Perfect pattern for that. And like Luvs said, great way to store some Christmas things when the season is over! Glad you gave it a try! It's great! :) ~Anj

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Thank you !anjabee, I was pretty pleased at how it came out, and was very excited to show it to you all.
I have a red one also but cant seem to find anything I like to paint on it, any ideas? I to love the idea luvs had for useing it for decorations, would be a good selling point for them also.
Thanks agine

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Oddie, Somehow I had missed your post here, but had found the one on Crafts. Like I said, I just helped with some tips so the paint would go on well, you did the creative part! And you really did it well. Looks just as cute as can be! ;o)

I am still amazed at how quickly you got it painted. Couldn't believe it when Anj told me you were all done already! Good for you. You must have had fun doing it.

Will certainly look forward to more of your painted projects.


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Oddie, why not paint some evergreens with lots of snow, or a Christmas tree with some pretty handpainted ornaments? Maybe a polar bear skiing??

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The first thing that popped into my mind when you said red was poinsettias, like just with a white frosty outline with the red showing thru. Now mind you, I can only see that in my mind and could never translate it without a pattern, but with your drawing talent you could probably do it up perfect. :) I'm sure you'll come across just the right thing and it will click for you. And don't disappoint us! We want a pic! We are pushy that way! ha ~Anj

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Thanks donnas and anjabee for your ideas dont know if I could paint eather of your ideas just from my mind need photos LOL!
been checking some links luvs gave me to look at, maybe find something soon, of course if I can do a good job I will share photos.

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He is so cute! You did a great job. And you don't think of yourself as a painter?? Seems to me you are right up there with the rest of us. The red suitcase sounds really interesting. Please post a pic when you get it finished.

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Thank you paintingfool! you guys are to kind! I will keep trying and maybe someday soon I can call myself a painter, you guys have given me alot of incouragement to keep trying! thats why I love the fourms here! everyone is so nice and full of praises, you cant help but feel like you could do anything.

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Oh, my, Oddie, That is just precious!

Love that saying and the ole snowman looks like he did a full days work, and is takin' a well deserved rest!

Thanks for sharing!

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