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luthienNovember 29, 2008

i had this wrestling match with myself regarding the issue of copyright. as you ladies know, i've began to try my hands on collage and mixed media. remember the sun and moon tag i made? well... it suddenly dawn upon me that the sun & moon image i used to decoupage on the tag could be someone else's art. and it is... belongs to a richard neuman ( you can see his link in my blog... i've acknowledged him :)good thing i didn't intend to sell the tag. never had this problem before cos it has always just been my art and my own work... *sigh*... and i really intend to use a lot of the sun and moon images for future mixed media work.

so this is what i finally decided to do. design and paint my own sun and moon image to be used for future mixed media projects. so i cut out 2 small pieces of canvas and did these two guys/gals. then i scanned them into the computer, and got my printouts.

i went a little further and put the 2 of them together using a software called GIMP... and i did a naughty thing :p ... put my name on them! just a naughty thing to do (spur of the moment) since they're gonna be floating around in the internet!

not something that i would normally paint... but at least now, i don't have to feel guilty for using someone else's sun and moon :) i suspect there will be more of these sort of things... mixed media is here to stay for me :)

Here is a link that might be useful: mr neuman's link it there in my sun & moon post

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Well, those turned out perfectly awesome. Things are so easily accessed on the internet that we sometimes forget to give people credit for them. When you can create such beautiful things yourself you should never have to use someone else's work! ha Good idea on using the program to meld the too together. Can't wait to see them on a project now. =) ~Anj

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Luthien, thsoe are really great, both as a single or combined. The combination of colors is really nice, and the background really makes the moon and sun pop.

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Those turned out to be very professional looking. You should be proud of your accomplishment. Love to come on here and have something new to look at.

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hello ladies :) thank you for loving my sun and moon :) i'm quite smitten by them myself... think it's because they are my first try...

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