Laundry/Mud room light fixture

desertstephSeptember 18, 2011

This is the type of light I'm planning to get for there. Maybe with the square glass piece tho. it's fluted around the edges and also has etching on it.

I was going to get the 2 bulb version (2@ 60 W) but am thinking maybe I should get the 3 bulb version. If 180 W in the room is over kill i can always back off and use 40 W bulbs in it. the room is about 7 x 8.

This type is easy for me to change bulbs and / or clean. Just unscrew the little knobby showing and it slips down. I have a sq one in my bedroom in old place.

and input on this?

sq version but you can't see the etching on this one -

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Steph I think in a room that small two 60 watt bulbs should be plenty of light for you. Even needing the bright light.

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thx shades. I just didn't want to pay for it, pay to have it put up just to find out it isn't enough light. the 2 bulb fixture is about 10-12.00 and the 3 bulb one is 20.00. So, it isn't much money going into it.

my eye sight isn't what it used to be either. so I worry about underlighting rooms. I also wondered how much light would be in the room with it facing upward. tho, it seemed fine in my bedroom here.

I'd better stock up on 60 w bulbs...

I'll probably end up with the sq one with fluted edges. I like those old timey fixtures.

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Steph, if your ceilings are white, and it is a small room anyway, the white will bounce the light back very well. It will be a fairly even light too, because of the frosted and etched shade.

Having two instead of three will create less heat in the summertime. And help lower the power bill as well.

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ML - they're an off white. Navajo white. less heat generating would be a good thing!

thx for mentioning that.

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