marylee_2010November 17, 2010

Franksmom, Hello, It is nice to meet you. I really enjoy browsing and seeing what everyone is doing.

I hope you have a good day.


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I am so sorry. I did not want a new posting, I am doing something wrong and I have to figure out what it is. When I post after the messages, what I wrote doesn't go to the post. I will read the instructions and take the test again. As you can tell I am not very knowledgeable where computers are concerned. It takes three or four tries before I somehow get my message through. I am in another message board but I don't have a problem there. Please bear with me. I will get it.


This time my message went right to the review screen.

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Marylee, no problem. We all had to learn it too. I know all message boards are a bit different. Just a tip for you: If you want to post a 2nd time on the same post, it sometimes won't take. But if you go to the subject line and change something, then it will go. Lots of times I'll just type #2 or something easy like that.

To post on your original post, just open that post and go to the bottom and write your comments, click preview, then submit.

We are glad to have you joining in, so don't give up.


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Hi again! Yep, what Luvs said. These message boards aren't as user-friendly as some that I've posted to, but you'll get the hang of it. We're glad you're here!

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Luvs and Franksmom, Thank you for your help and understanding. I think I have it now.



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Hi Marylee! Welcome!! We are glad to have you here!!


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