how to draw a sunflower

luthienNovember 20, 2008

hello :)

as promised i have quickly sketched out an instructional sheet on how to draw a sunflower. hope it's of use :) the paints i use are jo sonja's, round brush #6. techniques: 1 stroke painting, stippling, dots work.

happy painting and tell me all about it :)

Here is a link that might be useful: my arty-craft-DIY-homedecor blog :)

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How sweet of you to do a worksheet for all of us. I have a few of the Donna Dewberry books, and have always planned to practice her one stroke sunflower--now I have another worksheet I can use too. TFS Luvs

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I agree with Luvs, this is so awesome of you to take the time to show others how you achieved this finished sunflower. We are lucky to have you posting and adding help with the projects you create. Luvs is great at painting one stroke roses so if you haven't looked at her projects you should. This forum is sooooooooo fun. Thanks again for posting this.

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you're welcome ladies :) it is a pleasure... feels good to share :)

ooo... luvs, i love donna dewberry as well. have 1 of her books, they cost a bomb here with all the shipping cost and all... so can't afford too many :)

and phonegirl... will definitely check out luvs roses... i love painting roses as well.. have a lots of stuff with roses... sorta makes me feel romantic when i paint them ;) the hubby likes it when i feel romantic as well :))))))

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Phonegirl, thanks for the nice comment on my roses. I'm afraid I haven't done any for awhile so need to practice again. You do some really nice projects yourself gal. ;o)

Lutien, It really is neat having you join us on here. You are very talented. Do you have many arts/crafts type stores in your country? How about painting magazines and such?

We used to have lots of small shops where we could go for supplies and to take classes. Now it's mostly just the large stores like Michael's and Joann's. I really miss the little ones, it was so fun to go in and see all the display items all painted and to talk to the owners and other customers. Very motivating. Now I come here to see what everyone is working on--then hope it will get me to working on my own projects! I seem to have become the world's best procrastinator. LOL


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hey luvs :)
yea... our art stores are usually quite small, and they cater more to media students... arts and craft is not really big business in malaysia yet. but it's catching up. a lot of our youngsters are into papercraft now. there's a new arts shop, just opened,...that is quite large. they have a lot more variety there. but again... many things that i see on the internet are still not sold here. we do have a selection of mags and books but they are quite pricey.

i've visited some of your roses ;) they are beautiful! i'll go back for some more :)))) have a good weekend my friend :)

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Thanks for the tutorial on the sunflower, I copied it off & will make 2nd copy for my FG as she loves sunflowers. After I get more ink. Your's is very easy to understand!! Jan

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you're welcome jan :) i'm thrilled that someone wants to use my worksheet!!... hehehe....

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In all my years of painting, I have only painted a sunflower one time - you did a great job breaking it down for everyone - and it is a pretty sunflower.

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thanks paintingfool :)

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Thank you for the instruction sheet, it is so very easy to understand. I love doing flowers but don't do them often. Maybe it's time to change that!

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:) that's great pezabelle :))))

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