mushcreekSeptember 12, 2013

Hi, Smaller Homes friends! This is Flgargoyle, but I have a new account. It's a long story, starting with a log-in problem I had some time back. In desperation, I started a new account, which didn't work either. A few months later, I could log on again, and I forgot about the second account until-

-We're moving to SC, and my old email will soon be obsolete. No problem; I'll just change the email setting. No- that email is already in use (under MushCreek, of course). So I'll just go on as MushCreek from now on. For whatever reason, the log-in now works for MushCreek as well. Confused? I certainly am!

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Well, you can't rally be FLgargoyle, in SC :)

Congrats on the move! I know you and your wife are going to be very happy living under one roof, again...especially in your new house. I am so glad my husband is back home!

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That happened to me a while back too J. I contacted gardenweb and somehow they got me fixed. But I also asked them to take the 8a off my name and they didn't. Oh well. But you have a much better reason to change your name.

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What, no pictures!! Good luck with the move.

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Good luck with the move. I had the log in thing years ago too. Also had to start over. I can not even remember my first log in name. Glad you are back with us and can;t wait to see more pictures of your progress.


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I started over years ago too. Thanks for the update. I love seeing your progress.

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I hope you are the one that bought that winning powerball ticket in SC. You better share some pictures!

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I hope it was my Dad! (Sorry Jay) LOL

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There are pictures of the whole project under 'Picture a small house.... and a barn'. No recent pictures, as I have been working on electrical, plumbing, and mechanicals, which aren't particularly photogenic.

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