I love this table! What do you think??

postumSeptember 20, 2006

I've been looking for a narrow table for my off-center dining room (the traffic runs through the middle of it) and I came across this one. I really like it, but as I am usually a thrift store shopper the price is a bit high for me. My other concern is that my daughter spends hours drawing on the table, and I think the cracks where the leaves come up might cause problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Art & Artifact table

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I love it! I love the dual purpose, the style and the uniqueness of the piece. $399 is not alot for a DR table and if it works for your space, it may be worth it. I agree that the cracks may be annoying to your daughter when she darws, but she can always put a piece of cardboard under her paper.

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Postum, I really like it. Seems a little rich for my blood too lol. I'm like you, a thrift store shopper, but it is a beauty!

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I too love this table. Almost to the point of wanting to change mine out for one. The price is great too.

My table is the same size with drop leaves. Grandchildren color on it all the time...and games. Ivy is right, easy to add a small drawing board on it, you could get a thin piece of lamanate cut for her.

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Out of curiosity I did a search on your table. Look at these links, depending upon your furniture style..these are half the price and free shipping. I know....they are from Walmart. But interesting after all the searches I made a while ago that your find helped me out on this.

Here is a link that might be useful: sofa/dining table

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On my office desk at work I have a thin piece of clear plastic that I purchased at Staples. I placed it on the part of my L shaped desk where the two pieces meet - the crack. This way I not only can write comfortably over the crack but the desk is protected from my inks. I love that table.

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I always say when you see a price that may make you wince...How many things can you find that you LOVE AND that works. Usually we find things that work and has a good price, but we never love, love, love it.

Go for it.

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I agree with the others. The price is good for a dining room table. What are the chances you'll find a table that you absolutely LOVE (like annellis said) AND that's at a price you're comfortable with? Unlikely, so I say, save your money up and buy it when you can feel good about it. If it meets your needs, you'll be happier in the long run than if you buy a table that doesn't work, but save a bit of cash. If you're bumping into a cheaper table, you won't care how much money you saved...you'll just hate the table! ;)

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Just so I don't confuse anyone on my post....it was my sharing an interesting search than suggesting what I found would be a better choice. I love the table Postum found, the design and also with two leaves which makes it larger.

Am currently in the process of refinishing a similar table and waver back and forth as to buying a new one or the work involved. The style of these tables work so well in our limited spaces. Mine was originally a coffee table that I added new legs to for using in the kitchen, it fits under my china cabinet (which I attached to the wall). As a coffee table friends/family always seemed to congregate to it, we'd sit on floor pillows for snacks and playing board games. It also worked great for the kids, nice height.

Now that I have changed this table, I miss having it in the living room and have been searching for another one. The key words "sofa/dining table" brought up a number of new options for me. I didn't mean that the ones found were a better choice, just wasn't explaining what was in my head.

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Hi imageneer - I liked the Walmart table - except for the length. I need something longer. The one at Art & Artifact isn't in stock right now so that gives me some time to think it over.

I hadn't been searching for a table with leaves that fold down, necessarily. My current table is 36" wide and we have to push it up against the wall (pull out for company) or it takes up too much room. I was looking for a trestle table that would be no more than 25" or so wide - tough to find! All I came up with were plastic folding tables or bar-height (which I don't care for.)

Another I found was at IKEA, but it has this weird little metal gizmo in the middle. I could probably bypass that, but I wasn't too crazy about the color either (but still under consideration.)
here is the IKEA table:

It's very long (90") and without the metal thing would be about 26" wide. $219.00.

Still thinking, but I do like the A&A one - maybe I can find a coupon or something.

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I know this post is a tad old...but, did you ever buy the table? Somehow I ran across it and is now on sale for 100 less. Thought I'd let you know if the months haven't gotten you a table yet.

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THanks! No, I didn't buy it....in the meantime I picked up a new living room set (sofa, chair, rug - all for 60 bucks from an estate sale around the corner) and am rethinking my whole set-up. I have a whole new color scheme and style to work with. I love the comfort of the new (old) stuff but am in a tizzy about how everything I have is supposed to fit in.

Don't think I'll be buying anything new for a while - unless I hit another great estate sale :-)

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