Ceph is the best!

deborah_psMarch 2, 2009

On another posting Ceph said:

"I like being a SM, but I have to say that it is NOT for everyone."

WOW! You don't hear SM's saying they like being a SM. Hurray for you Ceph :) My SM was just the best, I think she liked it too.

Your family should be lovin' on you big time, cuz they're lucky to have you :)

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LOL - thanks Deb.
I think I should wake up to that subject line every morning!

There are lots of SMs on here who like being SMs! So I transfer my "hurray" to all of us who genuinely like it.

(And I'm faaaar from a perfect SM, but I like having my SS in my life, and usually look forward to having him with us.)

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