small bathroom layout

mlou_51September 26, 2007

Does anyone have their toilet across from the sink? I have what will be a 7 x 8 masterbath. Instead of the tradition galley layout (sink cabinet, toilet and then tub/shower) which would give me only a 30 or 36 in cabinet I wanted to try something else. My DH thinks it would be cramped with the toilet across from the sink. It would be the 7ft space. Anyone else have theirs this way or an opinion or better way to plan this? Mlou

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How much actual space will be between them? Measure from the front of the toilet to the wall behind it, and add in most of your thigh measurements, then add to that from the back of the sink to its front plus your standing-body space. Whatever is left may surprise you, though theoretically there should be enough room. It's about esthetics too - what if someone comes in to use the sink while you're sitting behind them (and how would they feel about that too)? Try to at least make them diagonal from each other, if you can.

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Ours is 7x8 too. Sink and toilet are on the right (along 7' wall) and tub on the left. Plenty of room for a good sized vanity (wish we had one)and three feet between toilet and tub. It works well. Sandy

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Our bathroom is either 6 X 8 or 7 X 8...don't remember now. We remodeled in 2001 and repositioned the toilet to be across from the sink. Moving the bathtub, toilet and sink all around from it's original position "opened" up the bathroom and made it much roomier.

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thanks everyone, you'ver given me some options to consider when we head out to HD and Lowes. :) Mlou

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My kids bathroom is 5x7. When you first walk in, you are facing the tub which is against the back wall and a small linen closet. To the right is the toilet and to the left (directly across from the toilet) is a pedestal sink. It works well and both kids can brush their teeth in there with no problem.

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jyyanks: I'm interested that you have a small linen closet in your 5 x 7 bathroom.

I have been trying to figure out how to maximize storage in my only bathroom (5 x 8). I currently have the typical layout with 36" vanity on left side, toilet on left, bath/tub combo on far wall. I would gut and relayout if I came up with a better plan. Anyone with ideas, particularly success with cabinets sunk between the studs?

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Hi Henleyot,
I think we may be even in terms of storage b/c I do not have a 36" vanity. I have a pedestal sink which means I have no undersink storage. However, the linen closet which goes up to the ceiling is where I put the kids towels and toiletries. It is very small but does the job. With the current layout, I have no room in my bathroom for a sink ther than a pedestal. The layout is actually not ideal if its your only bathroom as the tub is almost on top of you when you first walk in.

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