Dremel Scroll Saw

DeeNovember 20, 2001

Does anyone here have a Dremel brand scroll saw? I have been wanting a saw for a long time and trying to do some intelligent searching before I bought. Yesterday my husband got me a Dremel brand. Looks great, but I am afraid to take it out of the carton until I know if it is a recommended brand. Done a search on the web and came up with no reviews or anything. Would appreciate ANY imput from here. What brand of saw do you use and why? TIA Dee

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Hi Dee! It depends on how much scroll sawing and the type of duty you want the scroll saw for. If you are a beginner who is just starting it for a hobby, a Dremel is a good scroll saw. I think they only make one model. Heavy duty, production hobbists doing shows etc would probably recommend more of a commercial/workshop brand. My late husband bought ME a Delta about 5 years ago. There are 2 high end scroll saws that are extremely $$...but I figure I do all of my sawing for friends and me so I'm happy with my Delta (can't remember the model...its too early in the morning!). Go ahead & UNPACK the Dremel. Hobby wood working is fun. I have 2 friends who spent $$ and 2-3 years later have yet to unpack the scroll saw. USE IT!!! ENJOY!!! Go for it!----Sammytx

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I have a Craftsman variable speed scroll saw, I have had it for almost 6 years. I love it. It takes both plain end and pin end blades, and like I mentioned already, it has variable speeds, not just 2. I do wish that it had a hook-up for my shop vac and a that removable piece in the table that surrounds the blade, I have cut mine a few times, I am not sure how.

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Hi Dee,

I own a Dremel scroll saw and have used it for about
5 years now. I've never experienced any problems
with it at all.
The one thing I think helps is to be faithful about
clean up... I dust mine off and use canned air to blow
out the motor casing when I'm done for the day.

Good Luck - Hope you really enjoy using it!

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I use a band saw to cut with,I have to do a lot of edge sanding,does a scroll saw cut edges smoother? The less sanding the better.Also is there a lot of dust with one? Do you need to set up a dust catcher of some sort?

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Siera, I don't find the amount of dust much at all but then it depends on how much you saw in one session and the kinds of wood you are using. Some woods cause more dust than others. Like the other poster I clean my saw from dust regularly after each days use.

It also depends on the blades used. I use reverse tooth blades which provide a clean cut with very little dust. A good reverse tooth blade will also provide such a clean cut that you really don't have to sand the cut edge at all. The only light sanding I might do is to soften or round the edges of the cut itself so they aren't so sharp depending on the project.

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