letters under glass blobs

louisianagirlMarch 10, 2010

I once saw a mosaic that had letters under glass blobs that spelled out a name. Has anyone ever done this? What type of glue would you use so that the glue would be invisible and allow the letter to be seen underneath? Thanks!

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I have done this with both fabric and paper, using Weldbond and MAC glue, and no problems. Cover the back of the glob completely with glue, press firmly onto whatever you are gluing it to, hold for a minute to let it set up, let it completely dry before mosaicing. I admit I was worried about when I grouted, afraid it would stain or something, but it worked very well!!

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Peeps who do collage recommend e-6000 very highly for photos under blobs, I guess it is photo safe from what the packaging says.

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I have done this the same as Silvmae You can also use decpodge glueit works good.

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I use Mod Podge on the glass blog, and on the paper after it's glued on - a couple coats. When I used plain sheet glass - as on "Shelby's Marker", I also put another sheet of glass over the back, then used GE II to seal around the edges, since that is an outside project.

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Thanks slow could not think .I use mod podge also.

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I don't know why I had some kind of mental block when I answered this post before. I have used Mod Podge myself and it's probably your best bet. Actually I have used Mod Podge on many things and it is tough and permanent.

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