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paintingfoolNovember 22, 2009

Our chapter had their annual craft show today. We did pretty good, made almost $1000. I was the best seller and sold $390 worth of ornaments. Most were in the $5 range, the most expensive being $8. Half of my sales will go to the chapter. I also raffled a Santa I made and we sold $238 in tickets.

We had some really cute ornaments in the booth. One of our ladies took a regular ornament ball, added Fimo clay shaped like a flamingo and painted pinky peach. Just darling. And she did cinnamon sticks painted like snowmen with little tiny buckets for their hats and the fingers from gloves for the girls hat - so cute. No one else in the show had ornaments so we did better than most booths. One booth had purses made of mink but a bit expensive for my taste - $150 each for a very small one. Ghords were popular and then there was a lot of the same old tired stuff. No other booth had hand painted items.

I don't know if I will participate next year - I am not as young as I use to be when I could carry containers of stuff back and forth to the car. This year I took two small suitcases filled with my ornaments which were easy to carry. And I used the suitcases for disply which worked out even better.


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Glad to hear the show was a success. Always fun to see what everyone is making. I think you were very smart to concentrate on smaller affordable things with the economy the way it is right now. I'm sure everyone was very impressed with the quality and skill in your items, you do such beautiful work.

Bebe, you need to befriend a much younger painter and "mentor" her--and in return, she can handle moving the heavy stuff! ;o) Using the suitcases on wheels is a very good idea, weren't they a wonderful invention?

There's a craft show today that I'd like to go to, but little GD is coming over so I probably won't get to go. Then there's one coming up on Dec. 5th where they set up booths all along a main street and sell all kinds of things--I'm trying to leave that date open so I can go. I love seeing it all, but have to admit that I don't buy allot, just don't need that much and allot are kind of pricey for my retirement budget. But I like to go look and I enjoy the festive atmosphere--sort of a kick off to getting ready for Christmas. ;o)

Hope you can rest up a bit now, and again congratulations on having such good sales.


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PF, I'm glad you have that one behind you. Sounds like it went very well. You are so smart to think of using a suitcase to pack your ornaments in. Last time we went to the airport, I was saying how far we've come with luggage.

I hope you took some pictures of all your ornaments to share with us. I'm starting to do some Christmas decorating so I won't be painting for awhile.


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Oh, I should have clarified the luggage. I used vintage suitcases but not the big ones, I brought the mid size and small ones. I didn't think about using my rolling luggage. I knew I could use the smaller ones as displays also. The ornaments were easy to handle and were lightweight too. Today I took my leftovers to the booth in the antique shop.

Now I am off to bed - got up early this morning and didn't take a nap.

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Bebe....Congrads! Isn't it fun chatting with all of the people, I love craft shows. Our local mall gives over the entire center walking areas to crafter's and only hand crafted items can be sold. But they are a lot of work!

And your should be proud! those pictures!


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