Happy Holiday Santa

phonegirlNovember 4, 2010

Just finished this santa tray tonight so will share with all of you. Wow, the light hit his hat and it looks all streaked but in real life it doesn't. Sorry I don't have more time to retake. Hope you can over look that! As you can tell it still needs varnished but I will wait until I finish the next one and then varnish all of them.


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He looks great, Punk!!

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Punk....he is just super great! I love the face wrinkles and the trim on the hat, so different from most Santas, more like a Swiss Santa. The lettering is great, one thing I simply hate doing!

Thank you for sharing!!!!!


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Thanks for your comments FM and Belle. This santa was a quick one to paint and I figured out how to paint the trim in 2.2. All I did was dip my stylus in paint and make them oblong. If you haven't tried this you should. So fast and gives a finished look.

The gold on the bottom lettering of this tray didn't come out as nice as I would of liked. It was as though the paint had an oil base so I couldn't keep it straight like it should be.


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His outfit looks very elegant with all the gold trim. I like his face, nice friendly expression like you would expect Santa to have. You are really on a role. Are all these projects for you or for gifts this year? Keep it up, I'm loving seeing them. ;o) Luvs

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You did a great job, I just love his face. You are a very talented painter.

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He looks great Punk! He really does look like a jolly old soul. ha My camera picks up the textures sometimes too. I think we all have trouble in the picture taking department. ha But you sure don't have any in the painting department. You really did a great job. I like him on the dark wood. ~Anj

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Thanks Luvs, for all your comments. Not sure what I will do with my santas but hope to get some more painting done so I will have some to give as gifts. The one gal who works for us us a cowgirl so I really need to do something for her along those lines.

Peg, thanks and I hope you will continue to come here and post with us.

Anj, thanks and so glad to have you back here posting with us. Hope you are feeling better. He is painted on a burgundy tray. I need to get over to the gallery and see your projects. TTYL.


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