I am recommending this kitchen towel!

sjhockeyfan325May 4, 2014

For those of you looking for kitchen towels that actually do the job they're meant to do, I'm recommending these - by far the best (ie most absorbent) towels I've ever owned. They're great for both drying dishes and wiping down the counters. These aren't for anyone who wants dish towels that look pretty, they're just workhorses. (I keep my towels on a slide out bar in a narrow cabinet et next to the sink).

Bed Bath and Beyond Microfiber Multi-Purpose Kitchen Towels (Set of 3) only come in white, $12.99

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you can buy a pack of 10 microfiber towels for $10 in the automotive section of many stores. they come in all colors and wash in the machine pretty well, but are static-y. just don't use fabric softener on them.

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Thanks for the info, just put a set in my cart! While we are on the subject of kitchen towels, I am looking for nice, thin, white kitchen towels that I can use for squeezing water from veggies. When I was growing up, we had towels used just for these types of kitchen tasks. I have been using paper towels, but would much prefer to use towels. Any suggestions?

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Fishymom, I think you are talking about flour sack towels. I love mine and use them all of the time, especially for baking. I bought mine from Sams, but I just checked their site and the reviews for the current product are not good.
BB&B shows some that are 4 for $10.

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I love these and prefer them for drying dishes, they are super absorbent and they wash and dry in a jif. Easy to bleach if they get stained.

Here is a link that might be useful: flour sack towels

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Detroit, I have lots of the yellow Costco microfiber cloths - they are very different from these which feel more like regular towels and aren't staticky at all. I have some simar ones for my hair - great for that purpose too.

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fishy - we use bartender's towels for squeezing vegetables. Well we don't do it too often - only when I make cucumber sour cream salad. The bartender's towels aren't too thick so they're easy to squeeze.

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I will have to give those a shot.

I use the ones in the link below for day to day use, I keep a stack hidden in the pantry. Someone mentioned them to me a few years ago, I have used the same pack (maybe 10-12) since then.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cotton Surgical Towels

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Catmom (I think it was) recommended the Ritz Wonder Towels from Killian's Hardware (online). They're pretty wonderful! Definitely worth the price. My other favorites are cotton birdseye towels from American Chair Store (also online--hard to find on their website, but last I looked they still had them). They need to be washed a dozen times before they come into their own, but when I'm hand drying dishes they're my go to.

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Yes, it was me! :)

We've been using the Ritz/Flemish Wonder Towels for years. They're the best IMO. Even got my mom onto them. I get them from Kilian Hardware online.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kilian Hardware--towels

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I usually buy towels at restaurant supply stores. My usual were striped cotton towels with "dry a dish" printed on one of the stripes. Last time I looked for them, they only had microfiber or terry bar towels.
Their microfiber didn't work as well as the cotton. They didn't dry things very well and were too small (I also use towels to grab hot things out of the oven). So the microfiber is now in the cleaning towel pile. If they don't get the dry a dish towels back, I'll follow some of these suggestions. The Wonder Towels look nice!

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Thanks sjhockeyfan! I'll check them out : )

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The Wonder Towels last and last! The ones we have in rotation right now are beginning to show their age (thinner, some have developed a few small holes or wear spots), but they still do the job, so I keep putting off breaking out the new ones (ordered and received months ago!).

Eventually I'll relegate the old ones to the rag/garage pile, where they will continue to be of use for a good long while.

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The Elly towels from Ikea are nice, too. (4) 20x26 towels in 100% cotton for $3.99 is not bad! They even have a loop for hanging. They had lots of other colors in the store :)

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Ditto to Cat_mom.

The reason I use the birdseye towels on dishes is that they're thinner and do better in little holes and crevices, but have a lot more fiber than flour sack, so can be used a lot longer before starting a new one. The Wonder Towels are the most absorbent I've ever found.

I, too, find 100% open spun cotton to be more absorbent than microfiber, and it sure feels better to the touch! Nothing against SJHockeyfan's recommendation. I'm sure those are good towels too. :)

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