Glue or Adhesive for painted pot lids

FlowergirlDeb2November 17, 2001

Hello everyone! I need some help with a project I have started....actually, my husband is the one who questiond this, so I'm here to ask all of YOU helpful painters/crafters! For some Christmas gifts, I am painting terra-cotta pots, and using the bottoms as "lids", I KNOW I saw this craft in more than one place on the internet, and I neglected to read about what type of glue to use to make any knobs attach on top of the lid! If ANYONE has the answer, or suggestions, please help me! The reason my husband questioned me is because I have already painted some of my lids, and he asked if I knew WHAT kind of glue or adhesive would stick to the painted surface! ANY help would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!!!

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E6000 would be my glue of choice. It will glue everything to anything and it works great on terra cotta. (For future use it's also weatherproof so it's great for gluing outdoor hard-to-glue surfaces)

For starters I would have glued the knob on before painting. The problem you might encounter depending on the amount of paint you used is that the knob will not be glued directly to the terra cotta but to the paint layer that you covered it with. There is a possibility after constant lifting up on the knob that the paint could peel off the terra cotta surface causing the knob to come off. The E6000 will still work but next time you might want to leave a small unpainted area where you are going to glue the knob to make sure it will be secure when dry. If you can I would try to either sand the paint down or at least rough up that area where you are going to glue the knob and touch up around it when it's dry. The E6000 is paintable.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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one thing that I do when I have to glue a small knob,arm,leg,etc. is to put a small piece of masking tape where the object is to be glued BEFORE I base coat.Just peel off the tape when you are ready to glue and you have a clean spot to glue.

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