WINDOWS ... so much $$$

toomuchglassSeptember 30, 2007

This house was made in 1920 with Old wooden double hung windows . My friend lived in this house before me - she sold it to me. Before the sale - she had all the "Standard sized" windows replaced with good ones - (those tilt out ones that you can clean ) Now I'm left with --- 10 drafty old windows ....all custom sizes. ugh .

3 in the dining room - 4 in the living room and 3 upstairs. All odd sizes. I've been pricing new ones . *faint* The bad thing is - we live on the main street - traffic is so noisy & dirty - even with the windows closed - we have to have the TV turned up. I curse at empty semi's when they go by --- BOOM BOOM BOOM - the old windows rattle !

My question is - what would you do ? I thought that new storm windows would do the trick. I don't know.Would whole new windows actually pay for themselves with saving energy ? Do you have any advice ? I Have so many questions that I want to ask before I call out someone for estimates. I don't want to be talked into something beyond what I need. I KNOW that there are experts here ! Any and all advice is truly appreciated .

Thank you !

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we recenty had 13 custom size windows done, vinyl replacements and the cost was 3900 dollars energy and comfort and resale all are good for such a project. instalation took two days by the installer

and yes quieter too

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The best advice I can give you is to be SURE and get 3 (or 4) estimates. Ours varied all over the place!!!! We did NOT take the lowest, but we actually preferred the features and pricing of the SECOND lowest! ALSO.....we had 2 of our window sizes INCREASED......I had originally thought you just had to get whatever you had before....not so in some cases. If you have a brick or stone house, this is probably not an option...ours was frame.

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I would only buy spring bronze insulation and install it in the windows. Kilian Hardware has it or your older local hardware store might, too. I would NOTNOTNOT buy new windows. I think you'll find if you install the spring bronze, your drafts will be gone.

Here is a link that might be useful: kilian

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I have storm windows on all of my double hung. They were installed before buying, but the inspector said they are as good as having double pane. As for how much insulation is valid, it is difficult for me to say since I don't know what the issues were prior. There doesn't seem to be any drafts though and old windows are still in great condition (as long as the metal is kept clean).

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One does not have to get replacement windows. The ROI is poor. There are two very good, inexpensive suggestions that have already been offered, one weatherstripping which should be used not only on the windows, but also around doors and storm windows will help cut the drafts down along with your utility bill. In addition, you may want to spring for some high quality window shades which will also block the winter cold and help keep your house cooler in the summer.

If you are still set on replacement windows, do get a few bids and look at Andersen replacement windows which have a mix of wood and vinyl. Chances are they will last a bit longer than just vinyl.

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THanks so much for the help. I Hate diving into big projects when I don't know anything ! Time to get a few estimates.

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Hey, toomuchglass, have you gotten any estimates? I have pretty much the same situation--a 1929 house with 13 windows--and I would love to hear how your search is going! Good luck. :)

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I'm telling you...check out spring bronze. It'll be the best weather proofing money you'll ever spend. If you do go with new windows, at least get solid wood. On the flip side, to real old house lovers, you'll decrease the value of your old home if you lose your original windows.

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The idea of nows the time to change the window sizes to standard is also one to consider. Would the cost of having them changed to standard sizes offset the custom window price?

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