Welcome Door Sign

oceannaNovember 23, 2007

The biggest challenge on this piece was figuring out how to space the black and white stripes evenly because they radiate from the center. I had to scratch my head over that one until it finally came to me.

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Wow...what a good job and the stripes look great. What an interesting piece. I've never seen anything like it before. Where did you find it? Gail

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Wowza!! That is sweet! You did do a wonderful job on the stripes. Now is that center plaque separate?? If not it sure looks like tin. YOur flowers all look gorgeous! Beautiful Beautiful piece! ~Anj

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Really pretty sign and great job on the stripes. I love the little welcome sign in the middle too. Luvs

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Thanks so much everybody! :-)

The original piece was just a plain flat unfinished wooden plaque I purchased from Michaels.

Everything else you see there I painted on it. There is no extra piece of tin on it; that's just trompe l'oel -- just shading around the "tin" part. The stripes were to make it a little "Mackenzie Childs." I love their stuff.

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Oh, Gail -- are you asking me if there was a pattern for this? No, there is no pattern; this was my creation. I like to do my own thing, but I do research other pieces for inspiration.

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