Chinatreasures, wetsaw question

daisymeMarch 5, 2009

I just read your post on using your wetsaw. I bought one this year, but it seems to chip the edges of what I'm cutting. Have you had that problem, and, if you do, do you find that the grouting covers for that? I'm reluctant to use mine.

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Daisy, you have to be sure you are using a diamond coated blade. They are quite pricey ($70-$100+) but well worth it. My next blade will probably be a lapidary blade which also falls within the price range. Also, better quality china doesn't chip as bad as the cheap stuff. The china for the teapot I'm working on now is Spode china and it cut great! I bought some off brand chintz china from Goodwill and it chips like crazy. I'm assuming it has to do with the glazing process.

When I come across some that chips, I clean it up with my stained glass grinder (or you could use a corborundum file for glass). Of course, that's not economical at all if you're cutting lots and lots of small tiles.

Also, if the china tends to chip, try cutting slowly with the saw.

Hope this helps!

~~ Tanya

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Tanya, thanks so much. I have a diamond blade and even bought a second one, but it was only $35.00-$40.00 or so at Lowe's. I think you're right about the better quality china, but I don't have any problem nipping that into the sizes I want. (sawing could save my wrists, however). I think I'm going to have to get a grinder at some point.

Grinder recommendations would be appreciated from anyone. How much do they run and what do I look for?

Thanks again, Tanya

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Hi, - I don't have experience with a tile wetsaw, I have a Gryphon glass band saw, which cuts glass without chipping,- it has a narrow diamond blade, although I haven't tried china, sorry. But different glass chips on the grinder, too, so I assume it would do the same for porcellain/china. I discovered terrible chipping while grinding my countertop pieces b/c I was using my "standard grit" grinding bit. And NO, grout does not cover it. I discovered a new brand of bit in various grits, like sandpaper (220, 600 etc.)which made a huge difference in the edges, for a comparatively reasonable price. I'll check the brand and will post later. - I am still using my first grinder (18 years old (yikes!), which is the smalles Inland grinder (Whizling). It has gotten quite a bit of use, heavy at times, and still works great. -- Hope this helps

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