Got some projects finished today

luvstocraftOctober 9, 2006

Hi all! Tomorrow morning I will take some pics to post of the items I finished today. Feels so good to "finish" something! I got the doll bed all done, and I cut out the chicken and painted it. (I also finished some GJ totems too!) How about you guys? Did you get to work on any painting projects? Hope so--love to see all your pics. Luvs

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Hey luvs~ I've got a sick kid, but I did manage to start another fan blade over the weekend and prep work for one of those little cow patterns. Maybe I'll get to work on it today some. DM has me working on a project with her. My DB is getting married Fri and they wanted baby pics of him to put on a vid for the reception which is the next week. So I got volunteered to go thru all the boxes of pics to find his and get them all in order and ready for them. Sometimes being the only girl is not all it's cracked up to be. ha And being the oldest makes me 2nd mom to my 3 younger brothers.

Sounds like you are keeping busy. Can't wait to see your new projects. I'm checking in as often as I can. I hope everyone else is getting to paint too. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Sorry one of your kids is sick. Hope a little tlc from Mom and a day of rest will fix them right up.

I meant to post earlier, but DIL called and wondered if she could drop GD here while she went for haircut. So we had play tea and then she helped me put up fall decorations out front. I'll post a couple pics of final results of that too.

I will be babysitting all day tmrw, so may not get on here till evening.

Nice that you are there to help out your DM, I am sure she appreciates the help. Congrats to DB also.

Better get on over to the gallery before I get called away to do something else.


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