A trio of witches for Halloween

luvstocraftOctober 30, 2010

Finished the painting on these gals tonight, haven't even sprayed the sealer on them yet. Hope they will give you a smile and put you in a happy Halloween mood for the big night tomorrow.

Much thanks to everyone for your participation and contributions on this forum. I'm hoping you will all share some great projects for Fall and Thanksgiving that you are making now or have made in the past. The more pics and comments we get, the more fun this place is to visit! ;o)

Happy Halloween!


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These are the cutest Halloween girls I have ever seen. Luvs, you outdid yourself. I am not really into Halloween painting but I absolutely love these. So, soooo cute!!

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Oh beware! Those cute witches have a sly smile that could trap you! Luvs, they are adorable!

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Luvs...you should really change your name to "creator of smiles and chuckles!" They are adorable!!!! I love the eye lashes and the bats going into the kettle and the spiders and eyeball...just plain adorable!


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Glad they gave you all a smile--that's what I enjoy most--cute things that make me smile. Hope you all had a great Halloween and are already dipping your brushes in the paint to do some neat Fall/Thanksgiving projects! Luvs

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Luvs, just had to take another look at your darling little witch painting. So Sweet!


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Punk, thank you! I'm still on a roll of trying to paint some of the things I've had earmarked for years. This one is from a Marie Cole book called Marie's Homemade Memories #2. It has several more cute things that I just might get painted someday! LOL


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Look at those angelic faces while each is holding something nasty to put in their brew! ha Very cute Luvs. Love the colors you used. You got it done just in time! ha

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