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Calamity_JMarch 8, 2009

As some of you know, I have been in a MAJOR creative slump for a while now...YUK!!! But things are percolating in the noggin' there still may be hope!!! Anyhoo, at work, this nice pc of driftwood art came in and they(coworkers) had tossed it in the "G"(Goodbye)bin...I hauled it out and stuck it in my car and had a good look at it and it is done very well. It has a wire to hang it on a wall..and the only thing I see wrong is the person who made it made it with a glue gun...which that glue does not hold up outside. BUT I am hanging it in my Art Room and have added to it, where the goodies have fallen off...using my mexico beach combing stash and some "Home" beach stuff and though it isn't much, it has given me an idea(of which is exciting me) to create rock flowers for a project I am going to be doing in the warmer weather...soon! I will be making rock flowers to add to my slate patio at my front door entry. The patio is 11x11ft, and I will be adding random flowers amongst the slate! It will just be subtle, but I think it will be good as I don't want to take away from my nice front door that I GOG'd.

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calam, I think you "G" bin rescue is kinda cool. It just needs new life....(don't we all) anyway I think the flower idea will be great...please send pics of both when done...Cathy

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I really like your idea, it would look great. Make sure you show us when it's all done.

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Gee, I'm in a slump too until I get my TG ready, and this gives ME an idea to maybe make some rock flowers out of stones I have here that are too big for the birdhouses. I'll have to look at my stash and see if that would be feasible. Good goin' girl!

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Hey Calamity, I too have been in a MAJOR creative slump!! Maybe it's just this B.C. weather! I've started a mushroom to see if that sparks something. The stone flowers sound really interesting, can you tell us more?

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You lucky heifer you. I should be so lucky! I am sure it will be super nice as all of your stuff is! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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Well, you l'il heifer! What a nice little arrangement. I'm gonna copy that idea on the stone flowers. I got tons of those rocks. All you need to do is make a start, and it w/generate inspiration. I need to turn mine off - have so many things in my head, and I can't work fast enough. I'm facing about two weeks of yard cleanup - that'll turn it off. Cut some glass, girlie.

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