Tile and adhesive for outdoor use?

deedlesmomMarch 4, 2009

My front steps are old concrete and I would like to dress them up. I want to glue tiles onto the risers. Nothing fancy, just putting colorful tiles on them. I'm in Michigan, so it can get pretty cold. Will bathroom tiles work and what adhesive will hold up in cold temps? Thanks for any advice.


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You need to use thinset as your adhesive. The bathroom tiles are mainly for indoor use and probably won't stand up to your freeze/thaw cycle up there. They hold up here but we don't get the cold that you do. Go to a tile place
and aask for porcelian tile ( like for swimming pools) Or you could use dishes, not the cheap dollar store soft ones but good ones from TS or Salvation army. Just use the flat rims and such. Hope this helps

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