Who has a BIG mudroom? Who wants one?

lavender_lassSeptember 1, 2010

I would love to have a BIG mudroom! We live in the country and have horses, barn kitties, and have recently put in new garden spaces. I have so much stuff and no place to put it all.

While I know a lot of you are downsizing, I really need a place for cat food, horse halters, small garden tools, other tools and vet supplies...not to mention, coats, boots, and other winter stuff. It would also be great to have a sink (not in the kitchen) for cleaning up and potting plants. While some things can go outside in the sheds or storage areas, a lot of things need to stay in the house, either for temperature concerns or to keep from getting lost in the bigger spaces.

How many of you have large mudrooms? How many of you would like one? I'm thinking I'd rather have a large mudroom than a separate master bath, when I remodel. I'm not worried about resale, but I would love to have more storage! :)

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I would love to have a big one too, and would make it my craft/sewing room as well. Dream on, Marti.

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Here is the mudroom we had at one house and I totally loved it. The door at the far end of the room goes into a 6 by 6 1/2 walk in pantry and I will add that picture in next post.

The total addition to the double wide we had then was 20 foot by 6 1/2 foot. The first part was 13 foot and the walk in pantry 6 foot and then the 6 inch walls.

I made the space as my morning sun space coffee room and I also sat out there to talk on the phone. Loved the space. It could easily be used for your needs by storing the halters boots and stuff in the pantry area out of sight and a sink added in the larger part of the room.

NOW here we use our masterbath as a mudroom as it does have the door out to the back yard/dogs yard. I have a cheep but useful small carpet in the larger part of the room and when it gets too doggified it will go to the dump. It would not be hard to incorporate a real mud room to this space if starting from scratch. Put a cabinet along one long wall to store your needed things. Maybe only 16 inches deep or so would hole a lot of stuff if organized nicely.

This way you could have your bath and mud room too.


Here is a link that might be useful: mudroom

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This is the other end of the mud room behind the door

Here is a link that might be useful: pantry and storage end

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Pretty good space, Shades.
I'm all for adding a toilet and a shower to the space too, so you can walk those big dogs right into the shower and clean up too. A utility sink with a wall mounted faucet set would be very nice. Bathe small dogs in that sink. Since it is not for company, you can be very utilitarian with it.

But Lavender, I do not have a mud room at all. I have a hook on the back porch and the washer/dryer is right there too. I hang dog leashes there, put laundry in a metal bucket. Wall shelves are what passes for our pantry at this time, pending further refinements. I have lots of hooks around, with chain stretched across the room, and that is where I hang my planted hanging baskets in cold weather. I have no planting bench out there, right now I have new plants all in my kitchen sink. But I do have an outdoor shower just off the deck, which is about 4 steps outside the back door. We are not bothered with snow and freezing temps are not common (but they can happen), so I am planning on setting up my gardening chores in the now derelict garage, about three projects away from reality.

If you have a foundation up off the ground, or maybe with a basement under your mudroom, think about a drain in the floor to hose at least part of it down after some messy activities. Just so you can protect the pipes. I am thinking of installing rain barrels in a couple of places around our house, but don't think you could get away with them being outdoors and uninsulated like we can.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

We have a nice mudroom 6.5 x 21(m/l). It was a back porch at one time--the floor is sloped for drainage, and the brick piers match the front porch. Living on this frequently-soggy, low-lying farm, the room definitely lives up to its name.
When we first bought the house I envisioned a lovely sunroom--a place to have coffee and enjoy the start of the day, but I soon realized that a dedicated mudroom would be the better use. After the kids left home I cleaned and organized it, even posted it on HGTV/RMS.

A few things have migrated back in--that's where DH stashes his to-be-re-used packing materials. We have a boomerang daughter with her 2yr-old son staying here--I should post a pic of his tiny cammo barn boots. :)

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I thought maybe you were giving one away...

I'll have a small one - about 7 x 8 - has the heater in it. room for w/d and maybe a small freezer or utility cabinet. maybe a bench.

that'll be a fine space for me and the dogs (I hope). we don't have a lot of bad weather, no boots, heavy coats etc. I'll put up a rack of hooks for leashes and a sweater or jacket. I have a spare bedroom to use for crafts and other storage. another wall length closet in another bedroom, 2 walkins in my bedroom and a pantry. I do want to get a shed for outdoor stuff.

I'd love a room like you had shades! what a great place to sit with coffee and look at the view.

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I have a mudroom that is also the laundry room. Two of our dogs sleep in there at night, and there are cupboards for pet food and supplies, laundry supplies, household tools and power-outage supplies. One door leads from the TV room to the mudroom, the other door from the mudroom out to the backyard.

We have a large yard and our dogs track in a lot of mud, and in this drought, a lot of dusty dirt. So, I am glad I have it--it saves me the labor of cleaning other floors on a daily basis.

I would not trade it for a master bathroom myself, but I'm not much of a bathroom person.

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We did it - instead of a master bath, we closed in our carport for a family room and added on a mudroom. It includes a small bathroom with a shower, closet space, hooks for coats, a place to sit and take your shoes off, and we have a desk and wardrobe in there too. I love it, but a master bath would be nice too.

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jilljohn. It sounds like the new space will be used for more things and a real blessing to your home. I miss not having a true mud room here. The front porch becomes the mud room and always gathers things.

The one we had in the pictures was all cement around so we were lucky and did not have much mud. Not the case here.

Hope we get to see pictures of your new addition.


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