School Bench Project

becky_iaMarch 16, 2009

Been awhile! Several months ago, I was asked by the school my grandsons attend if I would help with a project for their annual fun night fundraiser. They wanted to do a mosaic garden bench and what did I think? I asked for ideas on this and another forum and several of you gave helpful suggestions. Then the teachers said...there are two classrooms (3rd & 4th) and could we do TWO different ones...I said sure, (must have been insane at a week moment!). They are almost finished so thought it was time to share a few photos....

I have learned so much from this...and it has been quite an experience but if they bring a good price...all the work will be worth it....teaching 40 students (All in one sitting!) was truly an eye opener, and I appreciate what our teachers do each and every day!

One bench still needs to be grouted which I plan to do this evening. The handprint one needs a final clean up, and sealing.

The dinner/auction will be held on March 28, and parents and grandparents of the students will bid for them. We added each students picture to their mosaic so it would identify each individual student...which should bring a higher price. I am going to ask that they NOT be put outside but used in an entryway, a sun porch or four season room, or anywhere inside.

But I am going to miss the evening, as I will be at the SAMA conference. But you can bet I will be on the cell phone to see what the final bids ends up being!

Here are the tops of the two benches.


If interested in more pictures, go to my photobucket folder to see the process.

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WOW! those came out GREAT!!! I can't wait to hear how much they go for... but SAMA will be way better so don't give missing the auction a thought! great job

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OHMYGOODNESS, BECKY: Those are the most beautifully mosaiced benches I ever saw. They're so bright and cheerful, and expertly executed. Did each child mosaic his/her subject? They are very artistic. Did they choose the colors? The ball chain - or bbs - really help define the shapes. Absolutely spectacular. Congratulations. It'll bring a hefty price. Anxious for that amount. What a wonderful project - you gave so much.

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Your idea was wonderful. The children will never forget it!

I am new and anxious to learn. Are those little pic capsules something from mosaic supply?

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Becky bless you heart. What a wonderful job you and you "students" have done. I think they are perfect and should raise a good amount. All of you should be proud of what was done here. Bravo

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Wow, what wonderful projects. I love that you used the photos in them. They're great! I hope they bring lots of money in for the school! Let us know!

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Thank you for all the kind words!

I finished grouting the second one tonight. Now to clean them up good and seal them. Yes, the kids got to pick out the glass and color to use.
I wanted to actually use their own handprint, but they were too big. I had to get 20 hands on the top. So we just used a pattern from a coloring book. The same with the sun, stars & moon patterns. I had all the glass cut and tumbled and they each picked out their color.

I had to use the ball chain. Some of the hand prints were hard to tell what they were! One looked like a skeleton hand! And the other edward scissor hands! By using the ball chain, it defined each one so much better. I went to the hardware store and explained what I was doing. (They just couldn't understand!) They special ordered me a 100 ft roll and sold it to me at their cost since it was for the school. I am going to take a picture back there and show them. But then again, they are used to me coming in with "odd" requests!)

The kids pictures are on the back of 1/2 clear marbles. That was a story in itself! I ended up doing them three times. The first time, the kids glued their school picture on the back...some got glue between the picture and the back of the glass. Made the pictures all cloudy. So i took them all apart and redid them with another glue that dried clear...BUT there was a chemical reaction between the color ink of the pictures and the glue...just ate the ink all up and turned them into colored "blobs"! So the third time, used different ink & papter and glue. It worked thank heavens!

I will let you all know what they bring. I am very anxious to see.

This was a fun project to do, but so many hours! But the kids were so proud of their own work it made me happy to be part of it.


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Well, you did such a good job of directing, and I'm sure your hard work w/be forever appreciated. After all, mosaics lasts for a very loooooong time. Oh, the lucky persons that w/take these benches home. I know you are proud of your contribution. Kids need more art taught in their schools, and I can't think of a better one that mosaics.

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Well, we held the "unveiling" this morning and I wish you could have heard the kids cries of delight! There were lots of ohhs & ahhs and best of all...."thanks you's & many hugs!"

I almost cried! Anyway, my part is finished-they will be auctioned off Saturday, March 28.

Here is pics of the finished benches & a group pic of the kids and myself.


double clic on the picture to make bigger.

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Just the coolest project!! I'm sure it was alot of work but so rewarding!!! Good for you!!! Those kids will remember this forever!!! Great job!! Cathy

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Beautiful! I am a teacher and you have inspired me to attempt something similar for our silent auction next year. I am positive that mine will not turn out nearly as wonderful, though.

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Wow! What a rewarding project! They look awesome!

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WOW!!! I can't find the words!! Amazing!

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So very special. I love them.

Do you remember what kind of paper, glue, and ink that you used to glue the pics onto the flat marbles?


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