Meet for tea on the Conversation side...

lavender_lassSeptember 30, 2013

Just a we meet for tea, on the Conversations side. If you've never been there, just look up above this post listing and click on the little 'conversations' printed to the side.

If you can't visit today...stop by anytime this week. I'll check in every hour this afternoon and then a few times during the day, after that. Also, see if you want to try Part 2 :)

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Is there another way to get to that page? The Conversations link doesn't appear for me, probably because I have a bunch of different apps in my browser that block scripts, widgets, popups, redirects etc etc. So all I see on any page of this site is the GardenWeb logo and the login and navigation links, and this central area where the actual threads content is. The rest of the page is a solid lightly shaded pale green and white. Nothing at all along the sides of the thread itself.

I tried disabling NoScript but that's not the culprit. Can you post a direct link to the Conversations page here with in the thread-post text? Thanks! :-)

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Oh duh... I just realized that you posted this yesterday (Sept 30th) and it is now Tuesday, Oct 1st. :-( Sorry!

But for future reference it would be handy to know how to get to the Conversations page. :-)

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Helena- This tea will be going on for a while! Never too late to join in :)

Here's a link...

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Oh, I didn't notice the "Conservations" link until today. I will try to join you for the next tea. Earl Grey is my favorite. :)

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