emtnestMarch 7, 2009

OK, so I was cruising through your album with the garden hat, the rocking horse, tables, and all, they are just beautiful... love your style... well those birch light switch covers are intriguing .. can you give us some insight as to how those were done? Do you harvest the birch skins or purchase them? And, the trim around the edges... please do tell...thanks,Emtnest

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I collect the bark from our trees that we down or are downed by wind in winter only.
I'm very picky about my bark. There's a lot I will not use. There is light/med/dark colors here and I pick and choose very carefully. I skin the brich log only in winter and use what bark is usuable (a lot of holes, growths, etc. make a lot unusuable). I have done this for years now and have found the perfect way to do it. It took me a long time but trial and error paid off. (If your interested e-mail me as it's little long and detailed). The trim is elderberry twigs. Elderberry grows WILD here and the moose won't eat them as they are poisionious until the are cooked/bunrt,so I can easily harvestable. But there is also a trick to them. They are only harvestable in winter when froze. Dry them a bit and wa la. Once spring hits, forget it they're worthless. Then I cut and glue the bark to the plates (only heavy duty plates work, the light weight ones bend) (and found only 1 kind of glue works) then cut and glue the twigs around the edges. It took me 2 years to figure this all out. (I cut the tip off one of my fingers off on a big order once) I have sold many of my switches and outlets on e-bay and to friends and local businesses. But they are a lot of work, especially since it's winter work. Tredging through snow, cold, etc. I love them and have them all over my home. And everyone who sees them loves them. But they are a lot of work, and not eay work.I also make picture frames and pen/desk holders out of the elderberry twigs. They are really nice too. I'll see if I have any pictures of those and post them.
Anyway I hope this answers your question and I am so pleased you like them. Thanks for asking about them. And if you want more detailed info I will be more than glad to share. Later, Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: Birch bark

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Thanks for letting us know... wow I'm in awe at all you do to get that fabulous result!!! How fun!!! It was fun chatting with you too via email...

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