OT - is anyone else having problems with GW?

marti8aSeptember 16, 2009

Posts are loading slowly, I can't move from one forum to another, and even the words appear on the screen slowly while I am typing. Is it just me or is anyone else having a problem on these forums? This is actually the only forum at GW I can get on right now.

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I am having trouble getting into some forums and the back key is taking me to the top of the page rather than the last posting I was on.

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I'm glad it's not just me. But not only can I not get into some forums, everything loads slow or won't load at all, and the pages keep freezing. Really annoying.

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Shhhhhh! I don't want to speak too quick, but I'm not having problems yet, lol

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A while back (6 months ago?) I was having so much trouble getting on, I finally stopped trying for a while. Since I've come back, it's just OK- freezing up a lot, etc.

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It seems to be irratic. Have problems at times, but for today it is fine. They have been posting at the top the last couple weeks about problems you are describing. So they are definitely aware of them and working on this.

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