Mirror and Pull Toy

texasfernMarch 24, 2009

First let me say that I really need to catch up in here!

Spring has definately sprung and we all ususally get creative.

I picked up a couple of things that struck me when I saw them. I "saw" them the moment I saw the substrates. Does that make sense?

I love it when that happens.

Here they are.

The little puppy was a handmade (with love) pull toy I the lady told me it was made 30 years ago by one of her students.

The mirror is just a nice shaped piece of very thick wood,(didn't take that into consideration, it weighs a ton!)

I put tin foil on the ends where the glass tiles are and that is the only area I grouted.

I used Weldbond.

The glazed tiles are handmade. I made the flowers and bought the Mexican tiles.

I have never ground so much glass!

Please forgive the photos, it isn't a good computer day.

You can tell Slow has inspired me. Thanks darlin.

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Oh Tex they are beautiful!!! I love them both...Great colors and great job!!!! The pull toy is just too cute!!!!!!!! I'm cleaning and rearrangeing after getting my cabinet in the house. One clean job leads to another!! I wish I had a maid to do the cleaning then I could just work on projects I have on my list!!! But that's just a dream!! Amazing pieces both of them!!!! Cathy

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Tex you made the small tiles on your mirror???? Wow, do tell how you did it. Wnderful job on both pieces.

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I made the flowers. I only wish I had made the mexican tiles!

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Well I want to know how you made the flowers, pray tell. They're gorgeous, and that mirror is fabulous. I can't quite tell what the grids are - top/bottom. I see shiney, but can't tell if the mirror is made w/the grid, or are those tiles? What kind? LOVE this mirror shape and what you've done w/it. Oh, I want a kiln, but am afraid to jump. More instructions to read, and I hate reading manuals.

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The flowers were cast ceramics. Now I wish I had made more of them when I was doing ceramics.
I put tin foil on the top and bottom, that's the shiney.
The tiles are slightly tinted glass.
The mirror I cut from a larger one.
Running a kiln is not difficult, heck I did it for 10 years!
Just have to set it up right, fumes are not so good.

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Fern- I love both pieces and like everyone else I love the flowers. Did you use a mold? I wish I had one like it then Slow and I would be making flowers....great job gal..

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Yes Flag, I did use a mold. I at one time was attempting to sell the tiles and small pieces like this online. Never worked out for me.

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Slow, go ahead and jump, don't be afraid of the kiln. When I first got mine learning to program the controller was a little daunting. I sat down next to the kiln with the manual and read through them several times & then I programmed it referring to the manual. It's really not that hard! If I can do it, you certainly can! If you have any kiln questions feel free to email me via "my page"

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What a nice offer, GIN. I tell you, I doubt I'll be able to pass the Paragon Kiln Factory on my next trip to Dallas. When we used the teacher's kiln in PV for fusing glass, I enjoyed it sooooooooo much. Another reason I'm holding off is that I think it'll be a black hole to pour money down - all new glass and molds and glazes and - you get the picture. I become obsessed w/everything I enjoy doing, and I can't afford the time for another hobby, afraid I'll take too much time away from mosaics. Making flowers for my mosaics surely w/be fun to do.

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