decorative painting on old windows

CATHERINE MOODYOctober 20, 2001


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I have been painting snowmen, roosters, birdhouses, on them. The bird house and rooster windows I put a curtain on them. I use a reverse glass technique. Paint on the back side with acrylic paint. Then spray with gloss sealer. I sell them for $45.00.

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Pat: $45.00 is cheap for decorative painted windows in my area. I tried this also, however only 1 attempt at the reverse painting, as detailing was a problem for me! I painted the other 2 on the front - sprayed and put a little decorative curtain at the top. I haven't sold mine yet - as I'm in a craft show next Weekend. These were my first attempt and I'm darn proud. (**I saw these for $85.00 at a craft show about 20 minutes from me!) I will admit I was thinking of $45.00 also. Can you post a pic of yours? I'll try to figure how how to do one of mine.

Enjoyed chatting w/ you.


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We paint on old windows. We first clean the window very well and then paint on the glass using acrylic paints. We seal the painted surface with a matte spray finish. Sometimes if we want a gently frosted window with a design on the front, we spray the window with a matte sealer and then paint. We sell for $60 each and sell out all the time! Can't keep enough of them done. We paint on everything from windows to screens. Hope this helps. Anne

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I'm going to try to post a photo of one of my windows tonight. (Never done this before - painting or posting a pic) Wish me luck!

Could you post a pic of yours also? Anyone else have an old decorative painted window to post?

Thanks - Diane

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We're getting new windows put in-in a few weeks, this sounds like a great project to do with the old. Do people just hang them on the wall once painted? Saw some painted in the floral design at a recent craft show and she also was selling them for $45

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About painting decorative designs on a mirror in the bathroom that became grey at the bottom.....? any recommendations? what paint to use? THANK YOU

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Hi there everyone, i also love to paint on old windows. I do alot of the primitive country homes and country scenes.I also did a very large window for a good friend who loves the beach. I made it look like you were looking out to the ocean and you could see chairs and a small table with a drink with an umbrella in it, there were palm trees, and sea gulls. It really came out beautiful, I get all kinds of compliments on what i paint, but i dont seem to have any luck at the craft shows here. I have only done 2 shows and both were fairly small, so i am going to try more later this year. I would love to see some of you alls paintings. my email is if any one would like to talk more. I am thinking of getting a website for all of the things that i have done. I love painting murals for children, and painting on old worn furniture also. Talk to you soon, have a wonderful day

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Hi Sherona, Glad you found the painting forum. Looks like you have been checking out some of the old posts. Isn't it fun to see all the different things people paint?

Don't forget to check our gallery--just look at almost the top of the page sort of in the middle. We also have a discussion section where we go to chat about things not so painting related. Please join in on all three sections of this forum.

Your windows sound great. And I always admire anyone who can paint murals. Hope you will share pics of some of your projects here with us.

Hope you will keep coming back to chat with us.


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HI Sherona~ glad to have you with us. If you go down to the botton of this page you can do a search of this forum for painted windows and it should pull up the ones that others here have posted. I know there were some murals posted too.
We'd love have you post some pics of your stuff on our gallery. If you need help posting pictures, just ask!
Come back lots!! ~Anj

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I've been painting old windows, shutters, and doors for about a year. I paint quotes and simple floral designs. I also switched it up a little and used decorative stitches to hook together pieces of old quilts and hung it behind the panes. I'm impressed but I'm running out of places to hang these in my house! I also picked up about 20 more windows of varying sizes from a moving neighbor. I would love to decorate and sell them but we don't have much of a market in Georgia. I'm back and forth to Florida a lot as well but I just don't think I would have much luck. Does anybody know of a craft show that comes nearby or something like that? Anything in Central or North Florida or South Georgia would be great. Thanks!

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Hi Emily, Welcome to the Painting forum. Your windows sound nice, we would love to see pics of them.

Do you have any type of Farmer's Markets or Swap meets locally. That might be a place to start.

One of the painters on here sells chairs, and she just had a Bed and Breakfast that wants to sell her chairs and a quilting shop also. You might talk with some of the owners of local businesses.

Good luck with finding an outlet for them, and hope you continue to enjoy painting.


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Hi Everyone - I'm still trying to figure out how to get on this posting thing.....but - I see all the discussion on painting on old windows....which I need to do for someone for the first time....I can't imagine doing reverse painting for this pretty indepth tuscan scene I have to do....what does it look like if you paint on the front of the glass??? I just finished a very long indepth mural and now have to tackle this window....also - where do I find all the photos you are all posting??


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Hi Magoose, glad you found the Painting forum. There are some pictures here on the discussion side, and lots more in our gallery. You can find it sort of in the middle at the top of the main page--you will see the words gallery/conversations in red--just click on it.

I think reverse painting is pretty complicated--at least for me it would be. You can paint on the fronts of the windows fine, just be sure to either seal it good or use the paints for glass.

We'd love to see pics of any of your projects if you'd like to share.


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Welcome Magoose! I think the reverse painting would be hard too, but there have been a few people here who have posted pics of theirs. I hope you were able to find the gallery and we would love to see pics of your project when you are done! If you need help posting pics just ask! ~Anj

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I am just getting back into painting and doing shows. I have about 25 two paned windows in my basement that I want to paint on. For those of you that do craft shows with these, can I ask how you transport them? I'm a little clumsy so this should be a hoot! Thanks!

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hello everyone,
just found this forum today when i was searching for how to paint on old windows.i live in mt. airy,n.c.[mayberry]and do a lot of craft shows.this is my only means of employment,all the jobs are gone here.i have to go up into va. to sell at the best shows.i am wanting to learn how to paint on old windows too.i saw a picture of a 6 pane window with in each top corner a snowman and in the middle bottom pane a snowman.the other 3 panes had LET IT SNOW written in black and looked simple to paint.i paint ceramics and painting on glass would be a big change for me.i would need a pattern to trace as i cannot draw.if anyone knows of a book with stencils to trace on glass please email me at
i see the windows at the va. shows and they sell great.prices are 40.00 to 50.00.
if anyone needs ceramics to paint i can hook you up.
336 351 6542 i ship.

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Hello Patty and Welcome to the group!

There are so many ways to paint on glass and that includes painting on either side.

Any pattern can be used with glass. In the past I used tracing paper and taped my pattern to the inside and painted on the outside with a glass paint, which then had to be baked.....not possible with a pane of glass in a here a spray on or brush on varnish would have to be used.

I have read where some use acrylics just as they would on any other surface.

I did a 6 frame project where I removed the glass and painted panels that fit each frame. This way they are changeable as your seasons change. Might be a good money maker and the wood was a very thin plywood that I sealed and painted. I intend to paint both sides.

Hope this just a PS.....we are not allowed to sell anything on this forum. Exchanges can be made, but not sales.


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Hi everyone!!!

I am looking for old window panes to use as a roster for my outdoor summer wedding. I live in the Grand Island, NE area and can not find just plain tall white framed window panes. If you have any ideas where I should try looking other then ebay and craigs list I would appreciate it emensly!!! Thank you very much!! Jen : )

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Hello Jennifer,

Places I watch are my local newspaper and several recycling sites, both second hand stores as well as a home/buildings recycle companies, which are listed in the phone book as recycling business's.

The prices over the last few years have really gone up, but you still should be able to find something.

Enjoyed our visit to you area and wasn't it Henry Fonda's home? Seem to remember visiting his home.

Hope you find what you are looking for and share pictures with us.


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It's 2011 and I found this website. I can't figure out how to view the wonderful ideas you're all describing. How do I see them? I found this window that I'd love to paint but would like some ideas. I've also salvaged a small chest and a few small tables that I'd love to paint and a few of you mentioned that you do this. My husband is annoyed that they're just sitting there. Thank you.

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It is great to have you with us!

Not sure what ideas you are referring to....we post lots of info here, just scroll down until you find something that looks interesting. Most of our posts either have pictures or online site that you can copy with your mouse and paste into the address bar on you online browser.

At the top of the opening or home page you will see three different pages you can access, they are conversations, gallery and the exchange. Conversations is where we post about our daily lives as well as painting. Exchange is where we list books we have available for exhange or to be given away, usually the receiver payes the postage. Gallery is where we also post pictures of what we are doing, as well as here.

Right now, things are a little slow, but there is usually someone here to answer or direct you with what you need to know or to a website.

Again, WELCOME! And we hope you come back often!


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Hi Ericka...if you notice, this post started back in 2001! If you want to see older posts or just painted window posts go back out to the main Decorative and Tole Painting forum page and look at the very bottom. You will see a search box. You can search the whole site or just this forum. Type windows in the search box and check the box for this forum and it should bring up some of the older posts and pics of painted windows. Glad to have you with us. We have some amazing and sweet ladies here. Please post pics when you are done with your projects! If you need help just ask!! ~Anj

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I've painted several old window screens, kitchen cabinet doors, etc. fixing to paint on old windows. Need some ideas. Anyone got any pictures on here anywhere?

You can check out my painting on Facebook
Copper Rooster
Anyone else on Facebook with pictures of their paintings.

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