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erin_mamaSeptember 15, 2007

We moved into this home at the beginning of summer, so we've had our house plants outside enjoying the fresh air and filtered sunlight. Soon we will have to bring them in, but I don't know where to put them! Some can hang, but what about the rest? What do you do with yours? Please share!

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I down sized mine. I have 4. I'd like a few more, but there is no place for them, even the ones I do have, 2 need new place to be.

What about those plant ladders, that you can kinda lean on a wall? I don't have alot of things taking up floor space, so I could put in a plant stand that would hold a few more plants than 2, but then I'd have to sweep around it..LOL

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Do you have a basement? A lot of people set them in the basement windows.

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Oooh, nooo. This is the hardest time. They do love being outdoors but come in they must.

I've been using several small tables (a set of glass top stacking tables and couple others) so I can place them near windows and move them around when to clean, get more light, or bring in Christmas tree. I use most of them instead of a coffee table, and behind a chair.. limited windows.

Also antique plant stands and a basket stand.

Bakers racks hold a lot in little space, especially good if some of the racks fold up for larger plants. My plants summer on the sunporch on one but I leave it out there all year for simple Fall and Winter displays. A little basket of gourds, Indian corn, pine cones.

They used to sell tension poles with arms to hang plants on but haven't seen them in a long time. People were looking for them on the houseplant forum last year. Took almost no room at all. Still using mine.

Just about anything is fair game as long as they have adequate light, drainage and you protect your furniture. Even sturdy curtain rods for small hanging plants. I think I have too many plants. Sandy

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Small shelves either right up close to the window (unlikely) or use fluorescent fixtures under each shelf (for the lower ones) like they'd use for those free standing plant propagator racks, but with more room in between shelves.

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Try the Houseplants forum too, on the Garden side of this site. This comes up fairly often and there have been some threads with really clever ideas in the past. Try searching. Good luck. It got down in the 40's here overnight. Sandy

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now I have some ideas to work with. I have a project this week! : )

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This was my exact conversation with my DH yesterday ! -- Where to go with my houseplants ! I moved them outside for summer - and they multiplied like rabbits. I can't bear to throw them away . ( They're called pregnant onions & I like them ! ) We have absolutely no room in front of any window. Our basement windows hardly give off any light. Don't laugh - but I Have a sunny bathroom .... I might have to set up plant stands in the bathtub for light ! LOL

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Dh and I made a plant hanger to go in front of 1/2 a sliding glass door.

one board, stained and steciled, hanging from the ceiling on 2 chains. 2 eye-hooks on the bottom with a length of chain attached to each. 2 capped copper pipes attached to the chains with s hooks. (make sure the "s" is large enough for the pipe to fit).

This gave us space to hang 5 small and 3 larger hanging baskets, plus line several pots up on the floor below. HTH.

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I have this problem too. Im waiting to move into my new not so big house, but bigger then this one.
So what I did was I bought a plant light bulb. It was very cheap I think it was around 10 or 15 dollars for the bulb and put it into the over head recepticle and they are all grouped there in back on the sides and all around my TV. The light only has to be on for 6-8 hours. So I put it on at 7 AM and turn it off by 2 or 3 oclock.
I have 2 large ficus and various other plants. I use anything thats not nailed to the floor and is available. My living room is tiny,11x16.
They actually do better under the light then they do in my south west facing bay window.

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