Front Door Color (Pt. 2):

organic_smallhomeSeptember 8, 2006

Thank you for all your past suggestions. We have decided on red for the front door! Now, I'm going out of my mind trying to decided which red we should go for. I think I like BM Cottage Red, but does anybody have an alternative suggestion? Our shutters are BM Black Forest Green (really dark green), and Cottage Red appears to have the same tonality. I don't particularly care for burgundy or orange reds, though brick reds are nice.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Just like you, I have been trying to decide on a color for my new doors. I had BM Cottage Red on my old front door and just loved it. I had a lot of compliments on it. I think it will work really well with your greens!

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Thanks, pinkcarnation! We're also thinking of using BM Creekside Green, just for a different look and to perhaps showcase the new door hardware a bit more. It would be a completely different look, of course. The red is deep and welcoming, while the green is a bit more sophisticated and allows the hardware to show. We just can't decide!

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I *just* painted our front door with BM "Cottage Red" and it looks stunning! I had planned on doing it when the weather got cooler and I had some "spare" time. Well, the time came and I did it...I have to say the pre-mixed BM exterior paint is an absolute joy to work with. As soon as I finish the trim, I'll take pics and post them. It's a gorgeous color, and I'm is DH, BTW.

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mrsmarv: Fantastic! I can't wait to see the pics! (Hurry up--LOL!)

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