Check your Ta-Ta's, ladies

paintingfoolOctober 8, 2010

My sister loves the Mrs. Clause ornament and since she is a breast cancer survivor I painted one in pink for her. This is breast cancer awareness month - you know what to do.


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My Grandma is a breast cancer survivor 28 years. Love the picture on the ornament, the thoughts behind the painting, and you sharing it.

Wish I had that figure. ROFLOL!

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What a wonderful ornament to paint for your sister and all breast cancer survivors! And you are right, it's a great reminder to all of us to get our mammograms. TFS.


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Adorable! These would be perfect to sell as a fundraiser for a breast cancer charity.

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BB - thank you, always wanted those things too but now that I am heavier than when I was younger, I realize those things are heavy and they get in the way - but to be thin again - I would love that.
Luvs, I was afraid it might be offensive but my sister loved it.
H&C, I will be painting them next year for my sisters fund raiser in Pennsylvania. Great idea.


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Bebe, you keep showing me these and I just might get one painted this year. I love the pink one and what it stands for!


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