Farmhouse I'm coloring! LOL

lavender_lassSeptember 22, 2013

Almost really hurt myself this morning (stupid accident) but I'm taking it easy for a few hours and coloring my farmhouse plan. I should be sorting and cleaning, but promised husband to take it easy for a few hours.

So, this is what I have so far...having way too much fun with color :)

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Uhmmm....this is why you shouldn't post after hitting your head! LOL

I'm okay, just a bit bruised...but I have been getting some sorting and organizing done. And I have to say...that green and purple window seat is growing on me :)

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If you're having this much fun decorating on paper, just wait 'til you get to decorate for real. Brain fog or not, I like the plan and the

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Thanks! I'm feeling better and might do some weeding today. All this rain...and they are out of control!

I'm still playing with the paint program (and coloring) but you know you need to get out into the garden, when you're coloring in courtyards! LOL

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Tim Allen almost killed me last night. If you tell, I'll tell.

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Color me confused! I remember a plan with the kitchen to the left of the entry, big and open with a woodstove and a couple of chairs in the corner. Then a butler's pantry of sorts behind the kitchen with a mudroom/laundry with your big old kitchen sink off to the left of that. I think you had a living room to the right of the entry with a master bedroom behind it, maybe opening up to a patio or deck with the hot tub. I think there may have been a Florida room in the back, behind the butler's pantry. I have no idea where your dining room was.

Now, you have two different plans entirely. Both have too many places to lounge and to eat and no place to sleep. (Actually, I do see the MBr off to the left, but if I admit that, I have less to harp on.)

I do my bathroom plans on paper graph paper with colored pencils. This weekend I bought myself a house planning template with toilets and bathtubs and door swings for doors of all sizes on it. Last week, I priced out my tile at HD with cheap white tile and carrara-look trim, and again at Tile Store with Carrara. I have my swanstone shower walls and ADA roll-in shower pan all chosen. Now I just have to wait two years until we can actually do the job! I bet I can price it out in several other colors and materials by then!

What did Tim Allen do, Marti? Did you lose consciousness, LL? Waiting to hear....

Just how hard did you hit your head?

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Hi, Nancy! Your bathroom remodel sounds like it will be great! Hope you get to start sooner than expected, but at least we have plenty of time to plan our projects :)

Oh, and I bumped my head on the door knob, tripping over stuff I had stacked in the laundry room. Ironically, I had done this, so my husband wouldn't be tripping over anything...but all better now.

Here's the plan...I deleted a few above. They were just TOO big, but I have a smaller version I'm really liking...just no color yet...except for the plants! (LOL)

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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