Favorite Glue for Crafts

DoryOctober 29, 2001

What brand/type of glue do you like to use when crafting. I have been making some wreaths with dried apples and oranges and small wooden items such as gingerbread men. I have been using my glue gun. I just am not sure if it will hold for a long time to come.



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Hi Dory,
My fav is E600 it seems to never fail and works on everything. Good luck

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I also use E6000 (great stuff) - especially for hard to glue surfaces such as glass, mirrors, metal, terra cotta, etc. or for heavier projects that require extra hold. I use Aleene's Tacky & Designer Tacky Glue for smaller wood projects and other surfaces, both indoor and out, both porous and non-porous. It's never failed me either.

If you are gluing 2 porous surfaces together you probably won't experience a problem. It's when you're gluing a porous surface to a non-porous surface or 2 non-porous surfaces together is where you usually experience problems with hot glue.

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My friend does florals, wreaths, etc, and she just bought a hot glue pot for dipping things in. It is a great idea, she buys glue chunks to melt in the pot. Works much faster than a gun.

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For Florals I use a glue gun, for most other projects I also use E6000... it's the best stuff!

Paint Drop Hugs!

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I use the glue gun for wreaths, e6000 for jewelry and Aleene's tacky for glass and wood. I really like Aleene's as it dries clear and really adheres-plus no smell to deal with as E6000 can make you woosy if you're in an enclosed space and heaven knows I'm light headed enough most of the time ..esp. this time of the year.

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Please Be Careful with E6000. It works very well but I damaged my lungs......didn't realize how much time passed while I used it in a closed in area.......only a couple of hours. That evening my lungs felt like they were on fire and I was very short of breath. I sure would like to be able to use it again but I am afraid of it. I realized what had been happening to make me feel that way, fortunately.

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someone posted a site that told what glue was best for each project, but I can't find it. someone help please.

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Okla-gal, the site is listed below.

Here is a link that might be useful: thistothat

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What a really neat site....so clever of someone to come up with this.....very helpful!! Thanks for posting it


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