My long awaited light fixture arrived!

desertstephSeptember 30, 2012

I finally ordered it the other week. I figured if I really liked it I'd order a few more. I'm so tired of trying to find fixtures that I like that fit my tiny budget and will take high watt bulbs. It's pewter (color) so I thought it'd be ok at least for the laundry room. I'll have to think about it working in my bathroom.

here it is -

one corner of one side of the box it came in -

AND she says she didn't do it!

She did bark at the empty box after I sat it up to take pics - and she did some attack mode jumps at it. Finally knocking it over. She evidently knew it was an intruder.

a replacement will ship on the 2nd - IN a packing box this time.

the fixture takes 3 60w bulbs so if I put 40w bulbs in it that will double the light I have in the laundry room now (1 60w bulb). That should really be enough but if not I'll up it to the 60w bulbs.

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Aw so sorry your package was smashed. Great light though.

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Bummer! Don't you just hate it when people ship like that? My ew sink only had a couple of sheets of brown paper loosely wadded inside the sink, nothing around it. No damage uckiy. I'm galad they are going to pack better with the next one. Did you have to insist on that?

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marti - no, the woman I talked to immediately said they'd ship a new one and that she was noting on it to put it IN a packing box this time. I told her I didn't know if the globes were broke, that I hadn't even opened them yet. She said, don't worry about it - they probably are. She did express wonderment that anyone would ship something w/o putting it in a packing box. I know I was shocked to see it on my steps like that.

She said they'd put a claim in w/ UPS and they'd deny it (as they should) and then they'd move the claim on to the mfgr. Whoever shipped it out is the responsible party.

thx shades. It's real similar to the one I'd posted about some time back. I was about ready to order one only to find it no longer available - it had 2 lights on it and was about 30.00. The only one I could find like it was 82.00 - a lot more than I wanted to spend. But I would have done it if I hadn't rechecked what was available online before actually ordering. I found the one I posted above - it has 3 lights instead of 2, is 10" longer and pewterish rather than nickel. but I think I can live with those differences for less than half the price. It was only 32.00 or 34.00 I forget which. I did need each light part to swivel - and this one does also. And use regular bulbs - I'll have to buy up a good supply of them!

I don't think the color will even matter in my bathroom w/other nickel/silverish metals used. It'll be up on the ceiling and I seldom look up there.

previous fixture I was going to order -

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

What a disappointment--I'm glad you're getting a replacement with no hassle.

Lol, if that dog had wings, she'd look just like a flying fox. What a cutie!

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I'm sure glad I didn't get a hassle either.

I finally did open the little box that was inside to check the globes. 2 of the 3 were in pieces. I was shocked 1 made it in 1 piece. It is a cute little globe - I'll keep it for a spare.

I've often thought my little nutso girl looks like a fox when she snarls up her nose and bares her teeth.

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