Anj--remember these?

luvstocraftOctober 29, 2009

Anj, I have been trying to figure out what I'd like to do with those neat letters you found at the TS and shared with me last year. Have you used your set yet?

I had been looking for a small frame with three spaces, but the ones I found at Dollar Tree and TS were too small. I had planned to put Halloween patterned scrapbooking paper for the background and then glue the letters on.

Then I thought about cutting some wood blocks from 4x4 or 2x4 wood, painting them orange, attaching the black letters and maybe some black rick rack along the edges.

Next I thought about covering a wood plaque with the Halloween patterned scrapbooking paper and then attaching the letters on top of it.

See what I do to myself? I just overthink everything and can't make a decision for the life of me! LOL

So for right now, I have just hooked them together with wire and they are displayed in my entry area. I just love the size and shape of them.

Anyone have suggestions?


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Your Boo sign looks great. The letters are pretty fancy and you came up with a perfect entry sign. You can alwasys change this for the seasons or put them in frames still if you decide. I think you gave it just the right thought.


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Ha...We must do the same things to ourselves cause I had some of the same ideas as you. I did paint mine and forgot all about taking a picture. I just wired mine up too, but thought about trying to get them onto a block as well. That way they could stack or whatever. I'll try to get a pic up this weekend.
If you did want to put them in about just on frames. If you could find some frames to fit them, then same idea as you had on the board, but put in a thin piece of painted wood or even decoupage some fun Halloween scrapbook paper over the wood to insert instead of the glass. Then you could just glue the letters on top?? Did that make sense?
They look good just painted black too. I'm not too sure if I like the way mine turned out, but I can always paint over them. ~A

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Anj, I was browsing some sites yesterday, and one of the wood sites had this same letter set covered with a designed paper! The eight inch ones were $9.99! They also had 14 inch ones that were even higher. Can you believe what a bargain you found?????

I'm sort of liking mine hanging the way they are. I might keep an eye out for just the right sized frame or wood piece and decorate them up more next year. Can't wait to see how you use your's too.

Thanks Punk, they are neat letters, the edges are sort of beveled and I love the shape of the O's. I think word things are fun. Have you seen the plaques that have a word or family name in bold print, then a saying in a smaller lighter print across it? (Does that make any sense?) Anyway, I love those and actually ran across a pattern for one in one of my books. I've added that to my very long "to do" list! LOL


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Luvs.....They look elegant and make a statement just the way they are! But, they are simple enough to do just about anything to them and still have a great look and as you have a "great eye" for style, you will do just fine with any changes you make.

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They are elegantly simple the way they are right now. (if a scary boo can ever be elegant). But, I do like like the idea of a black frame, halloween paper background and the letters on top.

You are so creative, I bet you can find a different way of using them for all of the future years.


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Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I really love the shape of them and I think I will keep looking for just the right frame and do them the way Joan described. I just think they would pop against a cute Halloween scrapbooking paper. Oh, I should mention that I didn't seal these yet--wanted to be sure I was leaving them black first.

Joan, I agree that sometimes Halloween things do look rather elegant. LOL Have you seen the glittered skulls and even that seductive witch that Punk painted? I even like those Martha Stewart cutouts for chandys, witches and rats and my black glittered trees--guess it's the glitter that makes them look "elegant".


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Aw Luvs....what about just sprinkling them with that black glass looking glitter??? I'll still post a pic of mine before I pack em, but I'm thinkin that would look sweet. May be repainting mine black and doing them that way. I love discussions....always brings lots of ideas to the table. ~Anj

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